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A curated list of awesome AMA answers

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A curated list of awesome AMA answers

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Q: "How do you think the web will look like in 10 years?" @sindresorhus

A: Answer @hemanth

Q: "One-line node modules" @hemanth

A: Answer @sindresorhus

Q: "What do u think about python?" @harshasrinivas

A: Answer @passy

Q: "What's your trick for dealing with shitty GitHub issues?" @passy

A: Answer @arthurvr

Q: "How do you Open Source?" @jdpedrie

A: Answer @stephenplusplus

Q: "Well, what do you think about PostCSS?" @HoBi

A: Answer @HugoGiraudel

Q: "What do you think comes after JS?" @maxhoffmann

A: Answer @passy

Q: "How do I grow an Epic Beard like yours?" @programatt

A: Answer @ChrisMissal :neckbeard:

Q: "This is how I always read your username. How does this image make you feel?" @thejameskyle

A: Answer @sindresorhus

Q: "Why people stress to use Immutable structures in javascript ?" @annamalai-saro

A: Answer @passy

Q: "Why do you travel?" @sindresorhus

A: Answer @RichardLitt

Q: "What do you think about dinosaurs?" @sindresorhus

A: Answer @RichardLitt

Q: "In your opinion, what are some daily habits that made you a better developer." @najela

A: Answer @holman

Q: "How do you think the future of Haskell looks?" @robbbz

A: Answer @passy

Q: "Do you think getting a computer science degree is necessary?" @ankurkaushal

A: Answer @gaearon


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