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Curated list of Theravada Buddhist teachings


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Theravada is a branch of Buddhism that draws its doctrine from the Pāli Canon, one of the oldest surviving records of the Buddha's teachings.




  • Allowing Things to Arise - How to handle the desire to get rid of negative mind states.
  • Grasping and Clining - The four different kinds of attachment and how to eliminate the causes of those attachments.
  • Letting Go - Letting go through contemplation, explained with concrete examples.
  • ThoughtCo - Clear and well-written series on Buddhism by Barbara O'Brien, with many references to the Pāli Canon.



Dhamma Talks


  • BuddhaNet - Sample of talks from teachers of several traditions, both lay and ordained.
  • - Library of teachings from a wide variety of places, sortable by teacher and collection.
  • - English translations of suttas, audio talks, and books by Thanissaro Bhikkhu.
  • Tisarana - Recorded talks from Tisarana Buddhist Monastery in Canada.


  • Discuss & Discover - Forums for SuttaCentral early Buddhist texts.
  • Dhamma Wheel - Discussion on a wide variety of topics pertaining to Theravada Buddhism.
  • Dhammaloka Community - Ask and learn from the members of Dhammaloka City Centre in Australia.


  • Forest Sangha - Home of the international monasteries in the Thai Forest Tradition of Ajahn Chah.
  • Sirimangalo International - Teachings on meditation and Buddhism in audio, video, and printed format. It is also a meditation centre located in Hamilton, Ontario.




  • Abhayagiri - Redwood Valley, California - Environment in which individuals and families are given the opportunity to be in contact with the principles of the Buddha's teachings.
  • Amaravati - Hertfordshire, England - Place of practice for monks and nuns in the Forest Tradition.
  • Aruna Ratanagiri - Northumberland, England - Forest Tradition monastery headed by abbot Ajahn Munindo.
  • Atammayatarama Buddhist Monastery - Woodinville, Washington - Theravada monastery that offers free services, books, and meditation sessions.
  • Bodhinyanarama - Wellington, New Zealand - Sanctuary in a wooded valley that serves as a monastic residence and public area for Buddhist events.
  • Buddha Bodhivana - East Warburton, Victoria, Australia - Forest monastery in a small town.
  • Cittaviveka - Hampshire, England - Primarily a residence for monks and nuns.
  • Dhamma Vihara - Veracruz, Mexico - Facilitates group and individual meditation retreats.
  • Dhammapala - Kandersteg, Switzerland - Quiet monastery in the mountains.
  • Mosteiro Suddhavāri - São Lourenço, Minas Gerais, Brazil - Forest Tradition monastery with Ajahn Mudito as its resident monastic.
  • Temple Forest Monastery - Temple, New Hampshire - Balance of wilderness, seclusion, and accessibility.
  • Wat Nong Pah Pong - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - Forest monastery established by the venerable Ajahn Chah.
  • Wat Pah Nanachat - Ubon Ratchathani, Thailand - Where English-speakers can practice the simple lifestyle as taught by the Buddha.


  • Wat San Fran - San Francisco, California - Temple for learning, celebrating Buddhist holidays, as well as experiencing Thai culture.


  • Hillside Hermitage - Small hermitage for monks of the Forest Tradition near the Knuckles mountain range in Sri Lanka.
  • Pacific Hermitage - White Salmon, Washington - Small monastery where monks can devote time to study and meditation.
  • The Forest Hermitage - Warwickshire, England - Headquarters of the Buddhist Prison Chaplaincy Organisation.


Individual Suttas


  • Access to Insight - Translations of over one thousand suttas from the Pali Canon.
  • Apadāna (Legends of the Buddhist Saints) - Complete translation of six hundred autobiographical poems ascribed to the accomplished Buddhas and Arahants of the early Buddhist community.
  • dhammadāna - Learn about the Buddha's original teachings in French, English, Italian, Burmese, and Japanese.
  • Dhammapada - Short verses that summarize the essential principles of the Buddha's teachings.
  • Parallel Reading of the Dhammapada - Read and compare multiple versions of the Dhammapada side-by-side.
  • Sādhu! - World directory of physical locations and websites.
  • SuttaCentral - Early Buddhist texts, translations, and parallels in many languages.


Individual Videos

  • Ask A Monk: Divorce - Discussion of divorce that leads back to the fundamentals of Buddhism.
  • Ask A Monk: Life Partners - Suffering does not come from not getting what you want, but from the wanting itself.
  • Dana en Wat Pah Nanachat - A walk through of daily life at Wat Pah Nanachat, focusing on the topic of generosity and the role it plays in Buddhist life. (Español with English subtitles)
  • The Mindful Way - BBC documentary about the life and function of a Buddhist monastery of the Forest Tradition in Thailand.

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