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🍹 A curated list of awesome gulp resources, plugins, and boilerplates for a better development workflow automation -


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Awesome Gulp Awesome

A curated list of awesome gulp resources, plugins, and boilerplates for a better development workflow automation.

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General Resources

Official Documentation



Gulp Tutorials

Gulp 4 Tutorials

Gulp with Browserify

Gulp with Angular

Gulp with Angular and Browserify

Gulp with Angular and Webpack

Gulp with React and Browserify

Gulp with Ember

Gulp with WordPress

Miscellaneous Resources







Injecting Assets

  • gulp-useref - Parse build blocks in HTML files to replace references to non-optimized scripts or stylesheets.
  • gulp-inject - Transform each file to a string and inject each transformed string into placeholders in the target stream files.
  • wiredep - Wire Bower dependencies to your source code.



Live Reload


Flow Control

  • merge-stream - Merge multiple streams into one interleaved stream.
  • streamqueue - Pipe queued streams progressively.
  • run-sequence - Run a series of dependent gulp tasks in order.
  • gulp-if - Conditionally run a task.


  • gulp-notify - Notification plugin for gulp.
  • gulp-size - Display the size of your project.
  • gulp-debug - Debug vinyl file streams to see what files are run through your gulp pipeline.
  • gulp-beer - Better Error Reporting with interactive system notifications and custom server for error displaying.


Miscellaneous Plugins

  • gulp-util - Set of useful utilities.
  • gulp-plumber - Prevent pipe breaking caused by errors.
  • gulp-load-plugins - Automatically load in gulp plugins.
  • main-bower-files - Simplify build process setup by dynamically getting the library files.
  • autoprefixer - Parse CSS and add vendor prefixes to rules by Can I Use.
  • gulp-sourcemaps - Provide source map support.
  • gulp-replace - A string replace plugin for gulp.
  • gulp-rename - Rename files easily.
  • gulp-rev - Static asset revisioning by appending content hash to filenames: unicorn.css β†’ unicorn-d41d8cd98f.css.
  • del - Delete files/folders using globs.
  • gulp-exec - Run a shell command.
  • gulp-strip-debug - Strip console, alert, and debugger statements from JavaScript code.
  • gulp-cssimport - Parses a CSS file, finds imports, grabs the content of the linked file and replaces the import statement with it.
  • gulp-inline-css - Inline your CSS properties into the style attribute in an HTML file.
  • gulp-gh-pages - Publish contents to Github pages.
  • gulp-ng-annotate - Add AngularJS dependency injection annotations with ng-annotate.
  • gulp-bump - Bump any semver JSON version.
  • gulp-file-include - Include files with gulp.
  • gulp-zip - ZIP compress files.
  • gulp-git - Run Git commands with gulp.
  • gulp-filter - Filter files in a vinyl stream using globbing.
  • gulp-preprocess - Preprocess files based on custom context or environment configuration.
  • gulp-eval - Eval JS-expression or require CommonJS modules and JSON files.



  • web-starter-kit - Google Web Starter Kit.
  • gulp-plugin-boilerplate - Boilerplate to kickstart creating gulp plugins.
  • polymer-starter-kit - A starting point for Polymer 1.0 apps.
  • este - The most complete React/Flux dev stack and starter kit for isomorphic functional web apps.
  • mnml - Minimal boilerplate to start a responsive HTML5/Sass project.
  • kraken - A lightweight, mobile-first boilerplate for front-end web developers.
  • angularjs-gulp-browserify-boilerplate - Boilerplate using AngularJS, Sass, gulp, and Browserify.
  • hapi-ninja - A Node.js, Hapi, and Swig boilerplate.
  • laravel-5-boilerplate - A Laravel 5 boilerplate project.
  • react-starterkit - React starter kit that contains react-router, Reflux, jest, webpack, gulp and Stylus.
  • gulp-front - Frontend boilerplate and modular BEM css framework based on gulp, pug, stylus, postcss, webpack and babel.
  • Front End Starter - A boilerplate for frontend projects powered by Gulp, HTML5 bolierplate, Sass, PostCss and Webpack(for Babel transpiling).

Yeoman Generators


  • elixir - A clean, fluent API for defining basic gulp tasks for your Laravel applications.
  • gulp-app - Gulp as an app (OS X).
  • lmn-gulp-tasks - Example of gulp tasks unit testing.
  • gulp-chef - An elegant, intuitive way to reuse gulp tasks.



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