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Open Source Supporters

⭐️ A curated list of companies that offer their services for free to Open Source projects


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Awesome Open Source Supporters Awesome

A curated list of awesome companies that offer their tools and services for free to Open Source and public projects.

Note: While there are many companies that have great free tiers (Slack, for example), this list focuses specifically on organizations that have made an overt commitment to the Open Source community.


Code Coverage

  • Codecov - Test coverage monitoring & alerting.
  • Coveralls - Test coverage history & statistics.

Code Quality

  • Better Code Hub - Source code maintainability analysis.
  • Codacy - Automated code reviews & analytics.
  • Code Climate - Automated code review & health analysis.
  • codebeat - Automated code review for mobile and web.
  • CodeFactor - Automated static analysis for C#, Java, CSS, JS, Ruby, Go and Python source code.
  • Ebert - Continuous static analysis.
  • Hound - Source code style review.
  • Landscape - Continuous Python code metrics.
  • lgtm - Automated code reviews for developers.
  • PullApprove - Approve GitHub pull request through code review.
  • QuantifiedCode - Automated code review & repair for Python.
  • Reviewable - Automated GitHub code reviews.
  • SensioLabsInsight - Automated code review for PHP.
  • Scrutinizer - Continuous code quality analysis.
  • SideCI - Automated static code analysis.
  • StyleCI - PHP code style review.

Continuous Integration

  • AppVeyor - CI/CD for Windows developers.
  • CircleCI - Docker-based building with support of customized workflows.
  • Codefresh - Docker-native CI/CD.
  • Codeship - Continuous integration, delivery, and deployment.
  • continuousphp - CI/CD for PHP applications.
  • DeployHQ requires-approval - Deployment automation.
  • Sauce Labs - Cross-browser testing, Selenium testing, and mobile testing.
  • Semaphore - Fast automated CI/CD.
  • Shippable - DevOps automation.
  • Travis-CI - Automated CI/CD for Open Source.

Dependency Management

  • Dependabot - Automated dependency updates for Ruby, Python, JavaScript and PHP.
  • Dependency CI - Continuous dependency testing.
  • deppbot - Automated security and dependency updates.
  • gemnasium - Automated dependency management.
  • Greenkeeper - Automated dependency management for NPM packages (on GitHub).
  • - Python dependency management.
  • Snyk - Continuous dependency vulnerability assessment.
  • - Dependency update as a service.
  • WhiteSource - Open source security and license management.


  • GitBook - Collaborative application documentation.

Exception Reporting

  • BugSnag requires-approval - Exception tracking and reporting.
  • Honeybadger requires-approval non-commercial - Exception and uptime monitoring for Ruby.

Package Management

  • MyGet requires-approval - NuGet, npm, Bower, Maven, and Vsix package hosting.
  • packagecloud requires-approval - Maven, RPM, DEB, PyPi, and RubyGem hosting.

Project Management

  • HuBoard - GitHub-backed kanban boards.
  • - Project management for agile developers.
  • - Project management for GitHub issues.
  • ZenHub - Agile GitHub project management.
  • Zube - Project management for GitHub issues.



  • Crowdin requires-approval - Localization management platform.
  • LingoHub requires-approval - Translation management.
  • POEditor requires-approval - Localization management platform.
  • Transifex requires-approval - Localization platform for translating digital content.

Version Control

  • BitBucket - Git and Mercurial repository hosting.
  • GitHub - Git project hosting.
  • GitLab - Git project hosting.
  • Plastic SCM requires-approval - Distributed Git project hosting.


  • Algolia - requires-approval Search as a service API.
  • Apiary requires-approval - API design, development, and documentation platform.
  • Atlassian requires-approval - Productivity tools for teams (Jira, Confluence, Bamboo, HipChat).
  • Auth0 requires-approval - SSO & token-based authentication.
  • BackHub - Automated GitHub repository backups.
  • BrowserStack requires-approval - Cross-browser testing tool.
  • Cloud9 - Cloud-based development environments.
  • Codota - AI pair programming assistant.
  • Distelli - DevOps dashboard for Kubernetes.
  • GlobalSign requires-approval - SSL certificates for open source projects.
  • Helpmonks requires-approval - Collaborative team email inboxes.
  • JetBrains requires-approval non-commercial - Software vendor specializing in the creation of intelligent development tools.
  • - Open source discovery service.
  • Mailtrap requires-approval - Fake SMTP testing server.
  • Netlify requires-approval - Hosting for static sites.
  • Sourcegraph - Smart source code transparency.
  • Siteleaf - CMS for static sites.
  • Transloadit requires-approval - API for file uploading & encoding.


Please see the contributor guidelines and code of conduct for details.



While many companies use the public repositories feature of GitHub, Bitbucket, and GitLab to determine the Open Source status of a project, there are others who require more verification. These companies have been marked with a requires-approval tag, indicating that an application process is required to take advantage of their Open Source benefits.


Some companies make their products available for open source, but only for non-commercial projects. These companies have been marked with a non-commercial tag.

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