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A useful list of must-watch talks about CSS


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Must-Watch CSS Awesome

This is a collection of well-received talks about CSS, covering topics such as CSS frameworks, Sass, SVG, animation, scalability, CSS performance, tooling, mobile tips, and more.

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  1. Resilient CSS: How to Write CSS That Works in Every Browser, Even the Old Ones: Jen Simmons (Layout Land playlist) 55:04
  2. Creative Text Effects with CSS: Mandy Michael, Talk.CSS 40:46
  3. Learn CSS Grid: Wes Bos, Laracon 44:59


  1. CSS Grid Layout: Rachel Andrew, Frontend NE 59:14
  2. The Power of CSS: Una Kravets, Front-Trends 30:57
  3. CSS and the First Meaningful Paint: Patrick Hamann, CSSConf.EU 37:56
  4. CSS Grid in Production: Benjamin De Cock, dotCSS 16:05


  1. CSS in 2016 and Beyond: Christian Vuerings, SFHTML5 17:15
  2. CSS Variables: var(--subtitle): Lea Verou, CSSConf.US 56:57
  3. Laying out the Future with Grid and Flexbox: Rachel Andrew, View Source Conference 25:45
  4. Reactive Animations with CSS Variables: David Khourshid, JSConf Iceland 31:02
  5. Practical Blend Modes in CSS: Una Kravets, SmashingConf Freiburg 47:04
  6. Real Art Direction on the Web: Jen Simmons, View Source Conference 31:41
  7. You Might Not Need a CSS Framework: Belen Albeza, View Source Conference 22:46
  8. The Dark Side of Polyfilling CSS: Philip Walton, dotCSS 22:57


  1. mdo-ular CSS: Mark Otto, jQuery UK 30:06
  2. PostCSS: The Future After Sass and LESS: Andrey Sitnik, CSSConf.US 29:09
  3. Your Very Own Component Library: Alex Sexton, JSConf.AR 20:03
  4. Let's Move: Benjamin De Cock, CSSConf.AU 24:52
  5. Motion Design with CSS: Val Head, OpenVis Conf 29:39
  6. Cascading Shit Show: Jacob Thornton, Code Genius 42:07
  7. Inline Styles Are About to Kill CSS: Colin Megill, CSSConf.US 36:11
  8. Let's Talk About Our CSS: Michelle Bu, TXJS 18:11
  9. CSS for Software Engineers for CSS Developers: Harry Roberts, SmashingConf Freiburg 51:14
  10. Photoshop Is Dead!: Editing Images in CSS: Una Kravets, CSSConf.EU 28:42
  11. Enhancing Responsiveness With Flexbox: Zoe M. Gillenwater, CSSConf.EU 37:13
  12. Move Slow and Fix Things: Daniel Eden, dotCSS 15:06


  1. What Is a CSS Framework Anyway?: Harry Roberts, Industry Conf 48:48
  2. CSS Is a Mess: Jonathan Snook, Beyond Tellerand 53:49
  3. 10 Commandments for Efficient CSS Architecture: Kushagra Gour, CSSConf.Asia 35:55
  4. Slaying the Dragon: How to Refactor CSS for Maintainability: Alicia Liu, Front-Trends 33:21
  5. CSS in Your Pocket - Mobile CSS Tips from the Trenches: Angelina Fabbro, CSSConf.US 34:19
  6. Styling and Animating Scalable Vector Graphics with CSS: Sara Soueidan, CSSConf.EU 29:16
  7. Play Nice With CSS Tools and Methodologies: Brad Westfall, HTML5DevConf 42:47
  8. Build Scalable, Automated CSS: Christian Lilley, CSSConf.Asia 48:47
  9. CSS and the Critical Path: Patrick Hamann, CSSConf.EU 33:42
  10. All the Right Moves: How to Put Your UI in Motion: Val Head, Multi-Mania 45:49
  11. Present and Future of CSS Layout: Tab Atkins, CSS Day 49:31
  12. Thinking Beyond "Scalable CSS": Nicolas Gallagher, dotCSS 28:46
  13. Web Components & the Future of CSS: Philip Walton, SFHTML5 40:02
  14. CSS Performance Tooling: Addy Osmani, CSSConf.EU 46:27
  15. 3.14 Things I Didn’t Know About CSS: Mathias Bynens, CSS Day 45:35
  16. Effortless Style: Heydon Pickering, CSS Day 49:51


  1. When Bootstrap Attacks: Pamela Fox, CSSConf.US 28:48
  2. CSS in the 4th Dimension: Lea Verou, JSConf.Asia 44:49
  3. Automated CSS Testing: Jakob Mattsson, JSConf.Asia 42:07
  4. CSSConf.EU Keynote: Nicole Sullivan, CSSConf.EU 20:57
  5. CSS Application Architecture: Nicolas Gallagher, SmashingConf Freiburg 38:36
  6. Realigning & Refactoring UI: Jina Bolton, SassConf 48:08
  7. Normalizing Designs for Better Quality CSS: Harry Roberts, CSSConf.EU 43:40
  8. Automating the Removal of Unused CSS: Addy Osmani, Velocity Europe Conference 5:57
  9. The Humble Border-Radius: Lea Verou, Future of Web Design 37:07
  10. Sass and OOCSS Sitting in a Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G: Nicole Sullivan, TXJS 27:50
  11. Architecting Scalable CSS: Harry Roberts, Beyond Tellerand 41:57
  12. More CSS Secrets: Another 10 Things You May Not Know about CSS: Lea Verou, W3Conf 60:39


  1. Open Source Tools and Libraries for Designers: Julie Ann Horvath, HTML5DevConf 29:39
  2. GitHub's CSS Performance: Jon Rohan, CSS Dev Conf 40:50


  1. Handcrafted CSS: Dan Cederholm, Build Conference 44:29
  2. The Top 5 Mistakes of Massive CSS: Nicole Sullivan, Build Conference 37:53
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