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A curated list of chart and dataviz resources that developers may find useful.


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A curated list of chart and dataviz resources that developers may find useful. Focused on relevant and currently active JavaScript charting libraries for different use cases. Ordered alphabetically in each category.

Inspired by the Awesome thing.

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Commercial Libraries

  • amCharts - Three libraries for traditional charts, stock, and maps. Features a hand-drawn style theme option.
  • AnyChart - Set of products for charting different types of data. Has a special Oracle Apex integration option.
  • CanvasJS - A tight set of chart types in a library with a small file size. Different looking default theme than other commercial libraries.
  • FusionCharts - Charting library with a strong maps component.
  • Highcharts - A series of charting libraries for a variety of uses. Can be compatible back to IE6.
  • ZingChart - Built to render large data sets other libraries can't handle. Super customizable styling and new features added often. Everything in one modular library.

Free and Open Source Libraries

  • C3.js - D3 based reusable chart library.
  • Chart.js - Tiny library (11kb!) including core chart types.
  • Chartist - Simple, lightweight chart library that uses SVG to render the chart, and CSS to style it.
  • Chartkick - JavaScript charts with one line of Ruby.
  • D3.js - Allows the user to manipulate documents based on data to render charts in SVG.
  • dc.js - D3 Library with crossfilter support
  • dygraphs - Interactive zoomable time series charts.
  • ECharts - A powerful charting and visualization library for browser.
  • EJSChart - enterprise ready charting library.
  • Graphosaurus - 3D graph viewer powered by WebGL (three.js)
  • Morris.js - Simple API to render line, bar, area, and donut charts
  • Plotly - Built on top of d3 and, allowing users to create basic charts and SVG maps.
  • Plottable - Library with OOP style syntax to build charts.
  • rgraph - 2D/3D javascript charts with google sheets import capabilites.
  • sigma.js - Graphs / Network diagram library built with canvas.
  • Smoothie Charts - JavaScript charts for realtime streaming data.
  • TauCharts - Unique syntax that lets the developer describe the data using DSL. Has the ability to create facets.
  • uvCharts - JavaScript Charting library built using d3.js
  • vis.js - Network diagrams, descriptive timelines with labels, and has 3D graphs.

Free Libraries

  • Google Charts - Maps are dialed in (of course) and some cool animation options. Extensive docs and use community (forum).

Framework-Specific Libraries


  • Angular-Chart- Simple API to render line, bar, area, and donut charts
  • n3-charts - Easy to use library written with AngularJS, rendering charts with D3.
  • Angular-scale - Simple and lightweight library for creating line charts


  • Ember Charts - Five basic chart types ready to go in Ember.js projects.


  • Flot - A JavaScript charting library for jQuery. Contains useful chart types but looks like it may no longer be in active development.
  • jqPlot - Open source jQuery plugin for drawing charts. Contains many commonly used features but may use different naming conventions for these items.
  • jqxChart - Plenty of chart types rendering in SVG, Canvas, and VML.
  • JQuery-linechart - Simple and lightweight library for creating line charts


  • Formiddable - A collection of composable React components for building interactive data visualizations
  • react-d3 - Charting library that relies on React for generating SVG markup and d3 to calculate path values.
  • react-vis - A collection of React components to render common data visualization charts
  • recharts - Redefined chart library built with React and D3

Data Visualization Resources

  • Dataviz Catalogue - A place to go when you're wondering which chart type is best. A project by Severino Ribecca.
  • Evergreen Data - Information and opinions on presenting data more effectively.
  • Flowing Data - A resource on maps, visualizations, stats, and design by Nathan Yau, formerly of the New York Times.
  • Junk Charts - Dataviz critic (and Columbia professor) Kaiser Fung breaks down data visualizations to identify what is wrong and recommends ways to make them better.
  • The Functional Art - Noted data visualization author and professor Aberto Cairo's blog on dataviz trends and best practices.
  • Visualizing Data - Dataviz consultant Andy Kirk compiles examples, resources, and reference materials on the subject of charting and visualization.
  • Well Formed Data - Thought pieces on information visualization and design by Moritz Stefaner previously of the World Economic Forum.
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