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A curated list of awesome plugins for Knockout


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Awesome Knockout Awesome

A curated list of awesome plugins for Knockout framework.


  • Knockout - Knockout makes it easier to create rich, responsive UIs with JavaScript
  • Knockback - Knockback.js provides Knockout.js magic for Backbone.js Models and Collections
  • Durandal - A cross-device, cross-platform client framework written in JavaScript and designed to make building Single Page Applications
  • Falconjs - Adds structure to knockout.js by incorporting models, collections, and views


  • JqueryUI - Rich UI components based on KnockoutJS
  • Kendo - A project to create a robust set of Knockout.js bindings for the Kendo UI widgets
  • Bootstrap - A plugin that adds custom bindings for twitter bootstrap objects such as tooltips and popovers
  • ASP.NET MVC - Power of Knockout.js for ASP.NET MVC
  • Rails - KnockoutJS for Rails
  • Meteor - A Knockout-to-Meteor bridge

Plugins and libraries

  • Mapping - Object mapping plugin for KnockoutJS
  • Validation - A validation library for Knockout JS
  • Sortable - A Knockout.js binding to connect observableArrays with jQuery UI sortable functionality
  • Grid - A data grid plugin for Knockout
  • External Template Engine - Custom Template Engine and Template Source for Knockout.js that loads external templates
  • Postbox - Publish/subscribe decoupled communication between separate view models and components
  • Deferred Updates - The plugin that modifies parts of Knockout’s observable/subscription system to use deferred updates
  • Delegated Events - Simple and flexible plugin to do declarative event delegation
  • Projections - Adds lodash FP chainability to observable arrays
  • Viewmodel - Flexible way to create a knockout viewmodel
  • Observable Dictionary - An implementation of an observable dictionary
  • Model - A base model for Knockout.js entities
  • Namespaces - Namespaces for Knockout.js
  • Rest - A simple library to extend Knockout.js objects with RESTful actions
  • Local Storage - LocalStorage persistence for Knockout.js
  • Router - Router for single-page apps

Custom Bindings

  • Punches - Collection of enhanced binding syntaxes
  • Switch Case - Powerful control flow bindings
  • Repeat - The repeat binding can replace foreach in many instances and is faster and simpler
  • Table - Table binding plugin for Knockout


  • Cart - Simple browser-based shopping cart that uses local storage
  • Testing - Helpful utilities for TDD + Knockout.js


  • WebSockets - Example of real time collaborative web app using WebSockets and Knockout
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