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A curated list of awesome jQuery plugins, resources and other shiny things.


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Awesome jQuery

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A curated list of awesome jQuery plugins, resources and other shiny things. Inspired by the awesome-* trend on GitHub.

jQuery is a fast, small, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler with an easy-to-use API that works across a multitude of browsers. With a combination of versatility and extensibility, jQuery has changed the way that millions of people write JavaScript.

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Awesome learning material to get to know jQuery and JavaScript or learn something more advanced. Some friendly advice: Before diving deep into jQuery learn JavaScript well.

  • API documentation - Official jQuery documentation.
  • Code School - Learn the basic building blocks of jQuery 2.0 and enjoy new video tutorials for beginners with related programming challenges.
  • Codecademy jQuery track - Beginners track for learning jQuery.
  • Learning jQuery - Tips, techniques, and tutorials for the jQuery JavaScript library.
  • Style guides - jQuery's code style guides when contributing to jQuery projects.
  • Tuts+ - Useful and indepth articles about jQuery.
  • jQuery guide for teams - Tips to write consistent jQuery code, easy to use and understand by your team.


Awesome free tutorials and courses to learn jQuery.

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Recommended and not too much outdated jQuery books.

Free Books

Paid Books

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Interesting jQuery related blogs and websites.

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Miscellaneous Resources

Various types of resources.

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Awesome plugins from all across the jQuery universe.

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Animations, transitions.

  • Animsition - A simple and easy jQuery plugin for CSS animated page transitions.
  • fakeLoader.js - Lightweight plugin that helps you create an animated spinner with a fullscreen loading mask to simulate the page preloading effect.
  • Fullpage.js - Create full screen pages fast and simple.
  • jQuery Transit - Super-smooth CSS3 transformations and transitions for jQuery.
  • Material Design Preloader!s - Recreation of the Material Design preloader.
  • Midnight - Switches fixed headers on the fly.
  • Parallax.js - Scrolling effect.
  • Scrollify - Assists scrolling and snaps to sections. Touch optimised.
  • Waves - Click effect inspired by Google's Material Design.
  • jQuery DrawSVG - Lightweight, simple to use jQuery plugin to animate SVG paths

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WYSIWYG editors.

  • Froala WYSIWYG HTML Editor - jQuery WYSIWYG Rich Text Editor based on HTML5.
  • Hallo - Simple rich text editor (contentEditable) for jQuery UI.
  • jQuery Notebook - A modern, simple and elegant WYSIWYG rich text editor.
  • jQuery TE - Lightweight HTML editor.
  • TinyMCE - Popular WYSIWYG editor with jQuery build and a jQuery integration plugin.

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Plugins for Forms, AJAX, validation.

  • Bootstrap Multiselect - Multiselect for Bootstrap.
  • File Upload - File Upload widget with multiple file selection, drag&drop support, progress bar, validation and preview images, audio and video.
  • Ideal Forms - Framework for building and validating responsive HTML5 forms.
  • jQuery Form Plugin - Easy and unobtrusive HTML forms upgrade to use AJAX.
  • jquery-minicolors - A tiny color picker plugin.
  • Justified Gallery - Allows you to create a gallery with a justified grid.
  • Labelauty - A lightweight and beautiful plugin for radio and checkbox inputs.
  • Payform - A library (with jQuery plugin) for building credit card forms, validating inputs, and formatting numbers.
  • Pickadate - The mobile-friendly, responsive, and lightweight date & time input picker.
  • Select2 - Select box with support for searching, tagging, remote data sets, infinite scrolling.
  • selectize.js - jQuery based hybrid of a textbox and <select> box.

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Images, Maps and Charts

Plugins related to images, image manipulation, galleries, maps and charts.

  • AnyChart-jQuery - Plugin for easily using AnyChart JavaScript charting library with jQuery.
  • Arbor - Graph visualization library using web workers and jQuery.
  • BackStretch - jQuery plugin that allows you to add a dynamically-resized, slideshow-capable background image to any page or element.
  • Chart.js - Simple HTML5 Charts using the <canvas> tag.
  • Cropper - A simple image cropping plugin.
  • Dense.js - Serving retina-ready, high pixel ratio images with ease.
  • Flot - Attractive charts.
  • Gridder - Displays a thumbnail grid expanding preview similar to the effect seen on Google Images.
  • jquery.sparkline - Generate small sparkline charts.
  • jQuery.eraser - Erasing image with mouse or touch movements.
  • jQuery Mapael - Plugin based on raphael.js that allows you to display dynamic vector maps.
  • jQueryGantt - Gantt editor.
  • jQuery Images Compare - Plugin for comparing two images.
  • Nivo Slider - Beautiful and easy to use image slider.
  • Owl Carousel 2 - Responsive carousel slider.
  • Peity - Progressive <svg> pie, donut, bar and line charts.
  • Unite Gallery - Responsive jQuery image and video gallery plugin.
  • Viewer - A simple jQuery image viewing plugin.
  • JQuery-linechart - Simple and lightweight library for creating line charts

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Menus animation, usability enhancements and beautification.

  • jQuery contextMenu - Management facility for context menus.
  • jPanelMenu - Creates a paneled-style menu (like the type seen in the mobile versions of Facebook, Google and native iPhone applications).
  • jQuery-menu-aim - Fires events when user's cursor aims at particular dropdown menu items.
  • mmenu - App look-alike on- and off-canvas menus with sliding submenus.
  • Multi-level push menu - Allows endless nesting of navigation elements.
  • Slidebars - jQuery framework for off-canvas menus and sidebars.
  • stickUp - Sticks an element to the top of the browser window while scrolling past it, always keeping it in view.
  • Superfish - Adds usability enhancements to existing multi-level drop-down menus.
  • Yamm - Yet another megamenu for Bootstrap 3.

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Modals and Popups

Plugins for modals (dialog box/popups), tooltips, and similar popup windows.

  • animatedModal.js - Plugin for creating fullscreen modals with CSS3 transitions. You can use the transitions from animate.css or create your own.
  • Avgrund - Plugin for your modal boxes and popups with new concept of showing depth between popup and page.
  • Bootstrap Modal - Extends the default Bootstrap Modal class. Responsive, stackable and ajax.
  • iziModal - Elegant, responsive, flexible and lightweight modal plugin with jQuery.
  • jBox - Powerful and flexible plugin which takes care of all modal windows, tooltips and notices.
  • jQuery Modal - Simple and lightweight method of displaying modal windows.
  • jQuery Popup Overlay - Responsive and accessible modal windows and tooltips.
  • Lightbox - JavaScript library used to overlay images on top of the current page.
  • Magnific Popup - Fast, light and responsive lightbox plugin.
  • SweetAlert - A beautiful replacement for JavaScript's alert.
  • tipso - A Lightweight Responsive jQuery Tooltip Plugin.
  • vex - A modern dialog library which is highly configurable and easy to style.

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Grid plugins and plugins for creating and showcasing data in form of tables.

  • Bootgrid - A grid control especially designed for bootstrap.
  • Bootstrap table - A powerful table control designed for bootstrap.
  • DataTables - Advanced interaction controls for HTML tables.
  • FancyGrid - JavaScript grid library with charts integration and server communication.
  • Filter Table - Live searching/filtering for HTML tables.
  • FloatThead - Sticky headers. Supports responsive, window and overflow scrolling.
  • FooTable - Make HTML tables responsive.
  • Isotope - Filter & sort magical layouts.
  • HighchartTable - Simple way to convert HTML data tables to Highcharts graphs.
  • jqGrid - Grid plugin.
  • jQuery treetable - Show a tree structure in a table.
  • jsGrid - Lightweight grid plugin.
  • Stackable.js - Stacking tables on small screens.
  • Stupid Table Sort - A stupidly small and simple jQuery table sorter plugin.
  • tableExport.jquery.plugin - Export HTML table to JSON, XML, CSV, TXT, SQL, Word, Excel, PNG or PDF.

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Time and Date

Plugins for handling, manipulating or formating time and date.

  • jQuery Timer Plugin - Start/Stop/Resume/Remove pretty timer inside any HTML element.
  • Timeago - Easy support of automatic updating fuzzy timestamps (e.g. "4 minutes ago").

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Internationalization (i18n) and localization (l10n).

  • i18n properties - Lightweight plugin for providing internationalization to JavaScript from .properties files
  • jquery.i18n - jQuery based Javascript internationalization library for easy internationalization of web application
  • jquery.localize.js - Easy internationalization of your static web site

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Validation plugins.

  • FormValidation - Form fields validator, designed for Bootstrap, Foundation, Pure, Semantic UI, UIKit and other frameworks.
  • h5Validate - An HTML5 form validation plugin for jQuery.
  • jQuery Form Validator - Validate user input while keeping your HTML markup clean from JavaScript code.
  • jquery-validation - Drop-in validation for your existing forms, while making all kinds of customizations to fit your application really easy.
  • jQuery.validationEngine - Validation of form fields in the browser.

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Miscellaneous Plugins

Plugins that couldn't be sorted in above categories yet.

  • Boilerplate - A jump-start for jQuery plugins development.
  • Interlink - Event interlink plugin.
  • Sisyphus - Gmail-like client-side drafts and bit more.
  • Slugify - Creates a URL slug as you type a page title (like Django slugify()).
  • Readmore.js - A lightweight jQuery plugin for collapsing and expanding long blocks of text with "Read more" and "Close" links.
  • Yahoo! Emoticons - Yahoo! Emoticons JQuery Plugin.
  • autoNumberic - autoNumeric is a standalone library that provides live as-you-type formatting for international numbers and currencies.

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Mobile section.

  • jQuery mobile - Lightweight framework for building mobile web apps with HTML5.
  • Interdimensional - Spatial scrolling on mobile devices for your web pages.
  • OhSnap!.js - A simple jQuery/Zepto notification library designed to be used in mobile apps.

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User Interface section.

  • Dragula - Framework agnostic drag and drop library, supports jQuery integration.
  • jQuery UI - Curated set of user interface interactions, effects, widgets, and themes built on top of the jQuery.
  • jQuery Enhanced Splitter - Create draggable content splitters to emulate frames and separate content.
  • tabulous.js - Tabs for todays web
  • X-editable - In-place editing with Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery UI or pure jQuery.

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Unit tests, testing section.

  • Qunit - A JavaScript Unit Testing framework, used by the jQuery, jQuery UI and jQuery mobile projects.
  • Mockjax - Provides a simple and extremely flexible interface for mocking or simulating ajax requests and responses.

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Server-side Integrations

Best practices of integrating client-side jQuery with server-side technologies.

  • Node.js:
    • Bower - Useful package manager optimized for the front-end.
    • Cheerio - Fast, flexible, and lean implementation of core jQuery designed specifically for the server.
  • PHP:
    • PHP front end setup without Node - Tutorial how to combine BowerPHP, Mini-Asset and into a PHP front end asset building pipeline.
    • symfony-collection - jQuery Plugin that manages adding, deleting and moving elements from a Symfony2 collection.
  • Python:
    • django-static-jquery - jQuery packaged in an handy Django app to speed up new applications and deployment.
  • Ruby:

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Ask and answer questions, share and get jQuery related stuff and get in touch with the community.

  • Forum - Official forum.
  • Freenode - Support IRC channel for users of jQuery, jQuery UI, and jQuery Mobile.
  • Stack Overflow - Support on Stack Overflow.
  • Facebook - Large and active group on Facebook.
  • - Large and active group on
  • Reddit - Discussion and sharing news, articles, plugins and tutorials, covering jQuery Core, jQuery UI, jQuery Mobile, and other related projects.
  • Google+ - Large and active group on Google+.
  • Quora - Ask and answer questions on Quora website.
  • Meetup - Get involved locally.
  • Twitter - Official news and updates from the jQuery team on Twitter.

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Contributing and License

You are most welcome to contribute to this awesome jQuery list as well. Big thanks to all contributors who have helped to build this list.


To the extent possible under law, Peter Kokot has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this work.

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