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A curated list of awesome Ember.js things

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Awesome Ember Awesome

A curated list of awesome Ember.js things.

Inspired by all the other awesome things.


  • TodoMVC - Obligatory Todo app
  • Vine - 'Explore a world of beautiful, looping videos'
  • Travis CI - 'A hosted continuous integration service'
  • - 'The world's leading video platform and community for gamers'
  • Discourse - 'An open source, next-generation discussion platform'
  • - 'Experience the App Store and iTunes Anywhere'

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  • Ember-cli - 'The command line interface for ambitious web applications' - Officially maintained.
  • Ember Inspector - Adds an Ember tab to Chrome or Firefox Developer Tools that allows you to inspect Ember objects in your application. - Officially maintained.
  • gulp-ember-handlebars - Compiles Handlebars templates to JS ready for Ember.
  • Ember Data Sails Adapter - An Ember data adaptor for the Sails.js sockets.
  • Ember Data WordPress Adapter - An Ember data adapter for the WordPress JSON API.
  • Ember Gist - Demo Ember CLI'eque apps using Github Gist.
  • Ember Twiddle - An Ember Twiddle for multiples files which lets you save your work in Github.
  • Ember Perf - Measure user-percieved performance data in your ember.js app








Ember CLI Addons

UI Components

  • ember-cli-flash — simple, highly configurable flash messages for ember-cli.
  • ember-modal-dialog — components to implement modal dialogs throughout an Ember application using a simple, consistent pattern.
  • ui-bootstrap — collection of Bootstrap components: label, pill, progressbar, card, navbar. Includes Bootstrap 4 SASS as bower dependency.
  • ui-button — customizable button component with Bootstrap theme.
  • ui-datepicker — customizable datepicker component.
  • ui-icon — an icon component, used by ui-bootstrap, ui-input, ui-button and others.
  • ui-image — a simple image wrapper component.
  • ui-input — components for text, email, password and numberic inputs.
  • Ember-AnyChart — AnyChart ($) data visualisation components.

UI Helpers

  • ember-cli-stylist — provide HTML style attributes dynamically and safely.
  • ember-i18n — internationalization for your Ember application.
  • ember-tether — a component that allows for 'tethering' a block to a target somewhere else on the page.
  • ember-wormhole — a component that allows for rendering a block to a DOM element somewhere else on the page.


Model Enhancements

Build Enhancements



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