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Progressive Web Apps

🌅 A collection of awesome resources for building progressive web apps

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Awesome Progressive Web Apps Awesome

A curated collection of Progressive Web Apps resources.

Building Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps are a new breed of web apps. They combine the benefits of a native app with the low friction nature of the web. Progressive web apps start off as simple websites, but as the user interacts with them, they progressively gain new powers. They transform from a website into something much more like a traditional native app.

-- Building Progressive Web Apps - O'Reilly

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Must Reads

Learning Resources

  • Google Developers - Your First Progressive Web App - A step-by-step guide to building a progressive web apps using the app shell pattern.
  • Awesome Service Workers - A collection of awesome resources for learning service workers.
  • Service Workers W3C Specification - The official service workers spec.

Browser Support


Case Studies

Sample Progressive Web Apps

Specific Technologies

Service Workers

CacheStorage API

Background Sync

Push Notifications


  • IndexedDB API - API docs, key concepts, and sample code from Mozilla.

Installable Web Apps

App Icons

Web Share APIs

Awesome Performance

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