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👻 A curated list of awesome FFmpeg resources.


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Awesome FFmpeg Awesome

FFmpeg is a cross-platform solution to record, convert and stream audio and video.



FFmpeg's official docs are notoriously difficult for beginners to understand due to the scope and complexity of FFmpeg's capabilities. With that being said, they're still very useful as a reference.

  • - Where it all starts.
  • Filters - Docs for FFmpeg's powerful filter chains (scaling, cropping, concatenating, merging, etc.). This is one of my most visited links when working with FFmpeg.
  • Man page - Official FFmpeg man page.
  • Wiki & Bug Tracker - Lots of great info on here.
  • CLI flags - A comprehensive list of all FFmpeg commandline flags. Really useful for searching random flags that you come across in the wild.


  • fluent-ffmpeg - A fluent API to FFmpeg. If you only use one tool from this list, it should be this one.
  • ffmpeg-probe - Wrapper around ffprobe for getting info about media files.
  • ffmpeg-concat - Concats a list of videos together using FFmpeg with sexy OpenGL transitions.
  • ffmpeg-generate-video-preview - Generates an attractive image strip or GIF preview from a video.
  • ffmpeg-extract-frame - Extracts a single frame from a video.
  • ffmpeg-extract-frames - Extracts screenshots from a video using FFmpeg.
  • gif-extract-frames - Extracts frames from GIFs including inter-frame coalescing.
  • ffmpeg-extract-audio - Extracts an audio stream from a media file.
  • ffmpeg-on-progress - Utility for robustly reporting progress with fluent-ffmpeg.
  • ffmpeg.js - Port of FFmpeg to JavaScript via Emscripten. Allows for limited FFmpeg use on the client-side.
  • ffmpeg-static - Provides static FFmpeg binaries for macOS, Linux, and Windows. Very useful for CI testing.
  • tangerine - Webcam streaming service using Node.js, FFmpeg, WebSockets, and Lad.






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