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A curated list of fonts and typography resources.


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  2. Free fonts
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Free fonts




  • alfred-emoji-workflow - Alfred 2 workflow for searching emoji codes
  • - A one pager for emojis on Campfire and GitHub
  • emoji-data-js - Emoji encoding swiss army knife for NodeJS
  • emoji-minesweeper - Minesweeper game made with emojis
  • emoji-regex - A regular expression to match all Emoji-only symbols as per the Unicode Standard
  • emoji-rspec - Custom Emoji Formatters for RSpec
  • emoji-translate - Translate text to emoji
  • emoji - All of the emoji supported on GitHub pull requests, issues, comments, commit messages, markdown files, etc
  • emoji - Find the emoji that echoes your mind
  • emoji - A gem. For Emoji. For everyone.
  • emojidex - Emoji-as-a-service provider and set of tools and assets
  • emojify.js - A Javascript module to convert Emoji keywords to images
  • emojify - Emoji on the command line
  • emojilib - Emoji keyword library
  • emojillate - Pixellate an image into emoji
  • emojione - EmojiOne™ is the open emoji standard
  • emojistatic - CDN static asset generation for emoji
  • emojitracker - Track ALL the emoji
  • emojize - High resolution, unicode (emoji) to html conversion utility.
  • gemoji - Emoji images and names
  • gh-emoji - Github emoji parsing done right
  • node-emoji - Simple emoji support for Node.js
  • megamoji - Making megamojis like a pro
  • mojibar - Emoji searcher but as a menubar app
  • mojime - Outputs random emojis
  • php-emoji - A PHP Emoji conversion library
  • twemoji - Twitter Emoji for Everyone
  • vim-emoji - Emoji in Vim

Iconic fonts

  • Appa Sariicon - 147 8-bit retro style webfont icons form web and mobile
  • Country Icons - A collection of all country flags in SVG and CSS
  • Evil Icons Simple and clean SVG icon pack with the code to support Rails, Sprockets, Node.js, Gulp, Grunt and CDN
  • Font Custom - Icon font generator
  • Font-Awesome - The iconic font and CSS toolkit
  • font-mfizz - Vector Icons for Technology and Software Geeks
  • FontAwesomeKit - Icon font library for iOS. Currently supports Font-Awesome, Foundation icons, Zocial, and ionicons.
  • fontello - Iconic fonts scissors
  • IcoMoon-Free - A package of flat vector icons together with an installable ligature font
  • Iconic - Icon set in raster, vector and font formats
  • icono - One tag One icon, no font or svg, Pure CSS
  • ionicons - The premium icon font for Ionic
  • Map Icons - Font for use with Google Maps API and Google Places API using SVG markers and icon labels
  • Material design icons - Official icon set from Google
  • mfglabs-iconset - Awesome web font icon by MFG Labs
  • Micon - Iconic Windows 10 font and CSS toolkit
  • octicons - GitHub's icon font
  • openwebicons - Because Font Awesome had no RSS-icon and a font with only one icon would be a bit boring
  • PaymentFont - A sleek webfont containing 94 icons of all main payment operators and methods
  • PE-Analog-Clock-icon-font - A set of icons for displaying a visual ("analog") representation of time stamps
  • stackicons - Icon font and Sass-based construction kit for Stackicons-Social, which supports multiple button shapes and a unique "multi-color" option in CSS for over 60 social brands
  • svg-icon - An ultimate SVG icons collection done right
  • typicons.font - 336 pixel perfect, all-purpose vector icons in a web-font kit
  • weather-icons - 189 weather themed icons inspired by Font Awesome and ready for Bootstrap
  • WebHostingHub Glyphs
  • Zocial - Sass and Compass CSS3 social buttons framework

Programming fonts

  • Adobe Fonts
  • Anonymous Pro
  • Codeface - Gallery of monospaced fonts for developers
  • Fantasque Sans Mono
  • Go Fonts - Open source fonts from Golang Project
  • Hack
  • Inconsolata
  • Input - Flexible system of fonts designed specifically for code
  • Lab Mono - Geometric monospaced typeface
  • Meslo-Font - Customized version of Apple's Menlo font
  • Mononoki
  • Nerd Fonts - Collection of over 20 patched fonts for Powerline, Font Awesome, Octicons, Devicons, and Vim Devicons
  • Operator Mono — A $200 premium programming typeface inspired by traditions of typewriting.

Programming fonts with ligatures

  • FiraCode - Monospaced font with programming ligatures
  • Fixedsys Excelsior
  • Hasklig
  • Iosevka - Spatially efficient monospace font family for programming. Built from code.
  • Monoid
  • PragmataPro - Proprietary font with special ligatures for Haskell, Agda, APL, etc
  • Dank Mono — A premium programming font with Delightful ligatures and an italic variant.

JavaScript libs

Event listeners for fonts loading on a web page

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