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A curated list of resources for Composer, Packagist, Satis, Plugins, Scripts, Videos, Tutorials.

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  • Documentation for Plugins - This offical documentation is good starting point, when writing a Composer plugin.
  • Composer-Asset-Plugin - A npm/Bower Dependencies Manager for Composer.
  • Composer-AWS - The plugin loads repository data and downloads packages from Amazon S3 (with authentication support for private repositories).
  • Composer-Composition - Provides an API, for checking your environment at runtime.
  • Composer-Suggest - Enables you to install a custom group of suggested packages, based on keyword patterns.
  • Composer-Versions-Check - Shows outdated packages from last major versions after using the update command (showing "Latest is vX.Y.Z").
  • Composer-Changelogs - Provides a summary of the updates with links to changelog/releasenote/tag. The output is ready to be pasted into the commit message when updating the composer.lock file.
  • Composer-Merge-Plugin - Merges multiple composer.json files at Composer runtime.
  • Composer-Bin-Plugin - Adds support for managing dependencies for multiple packages in a single repository or isolate bin dependencies.
  • Composer-Inheritance-Plugin - Opinionated version of Wikimedia composer-merge-plugin to work in pair with Bamarni composer-bin-plugin.
  • Composer-MonoRepo-Plugin - The plugin helps to manage dependencies for multiple packages in a single repository.
  • Composer-Patches-Plugin - Enables you to provide patches for any package from any package. When the dependency is fetched, the patch is applied on top.
  • Composer-Patches - The plugin applies a patch from a local or remote file to any required package.
  • Composer-Patches - Applies a patch from a local or remote file to any package that is part of a given composer project.
  • Composer-Plugin-QA - Comprehensive Plugin for composer to execute PHP Quality assurance Tools.
  • Composer-Cleanup-Plugin - Removes tests & documentation folders from the vendor dir.
  • Composer-Cleaner - The tool removes unnecessary files and directories from the vendor directory.
  • Composer-Ignore-Plugin - Enables you to remove files and folders from the vendor folder (to make a cleaner and smaller deployment to production). It's an alternative to .gitattributes.
  • Composer-Shared-Package-Plugin - Allows you to share selected packages between your projects by creating symlinks.
  • Composer-Symlinker - Enables you to load packages from different directories (instead of loading them from /vendor).
  • Prestissimo - A parallel downloader using phpext_curl.
  • Composer-FastFetch - Parallel Downloader using external download tools: Aria2.
  • Composer-Curl-Plugin - The plugin use phpext_curl for downloading packages.
  • Composer-Custom-Directory-Installer - A composer plugin, to install different types of composer packages in custom directories outside the default composer installation path (vendor folder).
  • Composer-Dependency-Analyzer - Allows you to build a dependency graph for an installed composer project.
  • Graph-Composer - Provides a graph visualization for your project's composer.json and its dependencies.
  • PackageVersions - Provides a very quick and easy access to installed composer dependency versions.
  • Composer Locator - Provides a means of locating the installation path for a given Composer package name.
  • PackageInfo - Enables you to retrieve all package informations (like version, tag, release date, description).
  • Composer-Git-Hooks - A library for easily managing git hooks in your composer config.
  • Symfony-Flex - Provides recipe-based installation and configuration management for Symfony packages.
  • Narrowspark-Automatic - Automates the most common tasks of applications, boost package downloads, adds a composer security audit and more.
  • PHPCodeSniffer-Composer-Installer - The plugin enables you to install PHP_CodeSniffer coding standards (rulesets).
  • Composer-Warmup - The plugin adds the command warmup-opcode to Composer, which triggers the compilation of all PHP files discovered in your project into the Opcache.
  • Foxy - Composer plugin that executes npm/yarn packages installation operations, when composer package is installed or updated.
  • NodeJS-Installer - Downloads and installs NodeJS and npm as composer package.
  • Imposter-Plugin - Wrapping all composer vendor packages inside your own namespace. Intended for WordPress plugins.
  • Composer Preload - The plugin generates a vendor/preload.php file to warm up the Opcache.
  • PHP Inc - Automatically includes files for autoload and autoload-dev to facilitate using functions and grouped definitions within composer loaded applications.
  • Composer Registry Manager - Enables you to switch between different composer repositories.


  • Composer SemVer Checker - Enables you identify constraint to version resolution issues, by doing a semantic version check for Packagist hosted packages.
  • Composer-Yaml - This tool converts composer.yml to composer.json.
  • Studio - A workbench for developing Composer packages. Its an alternative to editing dependencies in the vendor folder or using PathRepositories to load a local clone of your dependency into your project.
  • OctoLinker Browser Extension - Enables you to navigate Composer/NPM dependencies on Github.
  • ComposerRequireChecker - A CLI tool to analyze dependencies and verify that no unknown imported symbols are used in the sources of a package.
  • Composer-Normalize - The plugin helps to keep your composer.json file(s) consistent by restructuring and sorting entries (normalizing).
  • Composer-Service - Enables you to run Composer as a service on a remote server.
  • Composer PreferLowest Checker - Strictly compare the specified minimum versions of your composer.json with the ones actually used by the prefer-lowest composer update command option.


  • ParameterHandler - Allows you to manage your ignored parameters when running a composer install or update.
  • Tooly - Manage needed PHAR files in your project composer.json. Every PHAR file will be saved in the composer binary directory. Optional with GPG verification for every PHAR.
  • Melody - One-file composer scripts.
  • Composer-Travis-Lint - Allows you to lint the Travis CI configuration file (.travis.yml).
  • Composer-Multitest - Enables you to run a Composer script against multiple, locally installed PHP versions, which are managed by PHPBrew or phpenv.
  • ScriptsDev - Enables you to use a scripts-dev section, which triggers scripts only in dev mode.
  • PhantomJS-Installer- A Composer Package which installs the PhantomJS binary (Linux, Windows, Mac) into /bin of your project.


  • Composercat - Composercat is a comprehensive GUI for the Composer package manager, designed both for professionals and people taking their first steps with Composer.







Packagist Mirrors

About metadata mirrors:

Composer Repositories

Private Packagist

Packagist-compatible repositories

  • WordPress Packagist - Mirrors the WordPress plugin and theme directories as a Composer repository.
  • Asset Packagist - Enables installation of Bower and NPM packages as native Composer packages.
  • Firegento - A Composer Repository providing Magento Modules.
  • Drupal Packagist - Composer repositories for Drupal 7 and 8 core, modules, and themes.
  • Satis Server - This docker container provides a Satis Server and enables you to run a private, self-hosted Composer repository with support for Git, Mercurial, and Subversion, HTTP API, HTTPs support, webhook handler and scheduled builds.
  • Cloudsmith - A fully managed package management SaaS with PHP/Composer support (and many others).
  • Release Belt - Self–hosted Composer repository implementation to quickly integrate ZIP files of third party non–Composer releases.


  • Gitlab-Composer - This is a branch/tag indexer for Gitlab repositories.
  • Satisfy - Satis composer repository manager with a Web UI.
  • Satis Control Panel - A simple web UI for managing your Satis Repository with optional CI integration.
  • Satis Go - A web server for managing Satis configuration and hosting the generated Composer repository.

Toran Proxy

  • ToranProxy (deprecated) - In addition to providing a composer repository ToranProxy acts as a proxy server for Packagist and GitHub.



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