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A curated list of awesome ColdFusion frameworks, libraries and software.


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Awesome ColdFusion Awesome

A curated list of awesome ColdFusion frameworks, libraries and software. Inspired by awesome-javascript.

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Application Frameworks

  • CFWheels - An open source CFML framework inspired by Ruby on Rails.
  • ColdBox - The Enterprise ColdFusion MVC Development Platform
  • FarCry - FarCry Core is a web application framework that helps CFML developers build tailor-made content solutions, fast.
  • FW/1 - Framework One - a lightweight, convention over configuration, MVC application framework
  • ModelGlue - a CFML based, full stack, front controller based on MVC. Features include Scaffolding, ORM integration, and many others


  • CFSelenium - A native Selenium RC binding for ColdFusion
  • MockBox - The ColdFusion Mocking/Stubbing Framework
  • MXUnit - xUnit style unit testing framework
  • mxunit-watch - watch a directory for file changes (.cfc, .cfm, .xml) to trigger mxunit test suite full run, displaying results in the console
  • TestBox - BDD style unit testing framework

Dependency Injection

  • ColdSpring - ColdSpring makes the configuration and dependencies of your CFCs easier to manage. ColdSpring brings the power of the popular Spring framework for Java to ColdFusion.
  • DI/1 - Inject One - a very lightweight, convention over configuration, dependency injection (inversion of control) framework
  • Wirebox - The Enterprise Dependency Injection Framework



  • CFArango - ArangoDB client for ColdFusion
  • CFCouchbase - Couchbase NoSQL and caching client wrapper for ColdFusion
  • cfmongodb - MongoDB client wrapper for ColdFusion


  • ColdBox REST - Native REST routing and rendering capababilities
  • FW/1 REST - Native REST routing and rendering capababilities
  • Taffy - The REST Web Service framework for ColdFusion and Railo
  • CFWheels RESTful - CFWheels encourages a conventional RESTful and resourceful style of request handling.

Other Libraries

  • CacheBox - The Enterprise ColdFusion Caching Engine, Aggregator and API
  • cfbackport - Back porting features contained in newer versions of ColdFusion.
  • cfpayment - ColdFusion payment processing library makes plumbing e-commerce apps easy. Charging credit cards has never been easier. Inspired by Ruby's ActiveMerchant.
  • Hoth - Exception Tracking
  • BugLogHQ - Exception Tracking
  • iQuery - Sane script querying syntax for Adobe ColdFusion, compatible as far back as CF9. Looks and behaves much like queryExecute().
  • JavaLoader - JavaLoader is a library that has been built to ease the use, development and integration of Java within ColdFusion applications.
  • LogBox - The Enterprise ColdFusion Logging Library
  • Moment.cfc - Moment.js inspired date/time manipulation library for CFML (not a direct port)
  • Mustache.cfc - {{ mustache }} for ColdFusion
  • UnderscoreCF - An UnderscoreJS port for Coldfusion. Functional programming library.
  • ValidateThis - A Validation Framework for ColdFusion Objects




  • CF Live - Realtime CFML testing console
  • CF411 - CF411: 1,800+ Tools and Resources for CFers, (in over 150 categories) by Charlie Arehart
  • CFLib - Common Function Library Project
  • ColdFusion Koans - The ColdFusion Koans are a set of unit tests that the user must make pass by filling in values
  • ColdFusion UI the Right Way - A list of articles demonstrating how to do UI with ColdFusion on the back end.
  • Learn CF in a Week - community driven training program that teaches all the basics you need to be a ColdFusion Developer in one week.
  • Try ColdFusion - Realtime interactive learning tool for CFML


  • CFRepo - A repository of ColdFusion installers created by Gavin Pickin
  • lucee5-heroku - Application template for deploying Lucee 5 apps to Heroku by Mike Sprague
  • Vagrant LEMTL - Vagrant box with Linux, Nginx, MariaDB (or MySQL), Tomcat, and Lucee for local development with CFML by Mike Sprague




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