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A List of Awesome Swift Playgrounds


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A curated list of awesome Swift playgrounds.


Please take a quick look at the contribution guidelines first. Thanks to all contributors; you rock!

If you see a playground here that does not work anymore with the current release of Xcode or is not a good fit, please submit a pull request to improve this file or consider updating it, thank you!

Downloading all the playgrounds

Unless otherwise indicated, all playgrounds are compatible with Swift 3.

All the playgrounds are available as submodules in the playgrounds/ directory, to download them all in one go, just clone this repository with git clone --recursive or execute git submodule update --init after you have cloned the repository the usual way.

Apple's playgrounds distributed as zip archives have to be downloaded manually.


🌟 = My personal favorites

🍁 = Swift 4+ Playground

⏳ = Pre-Swift 3 Playground



Playgrounds that can be run on your iPad

  • Tree Trouble Playbook - An interactive Swift Playground Book about Binary Search Trees.
  • Auto Pong - A tutorial to implement a pong based on a simple AI.
  • Neural Network Playground - A neural network Swift playground, with no third party dependencies.
  • Window Manager Playground - Playground for an experimental window manager.
  • AudioKit Playground Book - A set of playgrounds using AudioKit designed for the iPad Playgrounds app.
  • Numsw - A swift playground book that mimics some of the features of numpy and jupyter notebook.
  • File Browser Playground - Simple File Browser for Swift Playgrounds on iOS.
  • Geometry with Swift - In this course your students will learn the fundamentals of Swift 3 programming, using geometry as their context for learning.
  • Image Filtering - A Swift playgroundbook about Image Filtering. 🌟
  • Spacetime Rhapsody - A Swift Playground visualizing gravity based on Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. 🌟
  • Guilloche Pattern Playground Book - Learn more about this pattern you see every day, but probably never knew it was really carefully designed. 🍁
  • Accessibility - Accessibility for iOS developers. 🍁

Learning Swift

Some interesting playgrounds to learn Swift

Learning Swift: Advanced Topics

Advanced topics, useful once you have mastered the basics of the language

Design Patterns

Protocol Oriented Programming

Functional Reactive Programming

Apple's Playgrounds

Playgrounds from Apple, usually presented at some WWDC

Playgrounds about Playgrounds

Playgrounds that describe what you can do with playgrounds

Playgrounds from Playgroundbooks

Playgrounds derived from iPad Swift Playgroundbooks

Theoretical Computer Science

Algorithms and Data Structures

Algorithms and data structures implemented in Swift

  • Swift Algorithm Club - Algorithms and data structures in Swift with explanations. 🌟
  • Sorting Experiments - Alluring experiments with sorting algorithms in Swift, sort of.
  • Visual Binary Trees - Effortless visualization of arbitrary Binary Trees, along with their pluggable traversal implementations. 🌟
  • Julia Fractal Playground - A Swift playground that generates beautiful Julia set fractal images.
  • A Star - Protocol oriented A* pathfinding algorithm implementation in Swift 4.🍁
  • Sorting Algorithms - Live Visualization of some famous sorting algorithms and your experiments.
  • Animated Sorting Algorithms - Swift 4 playgrounds to view and manipulate sorting algorithms.🍁
  • Expressions - Arithmetic and logical expressions elegantly modeled and visualized using protocol-oriented binary trees.🍁
  • DataStructures Playground - Data Structures and Algorithms in Swift. ⏳
  • Swiftography - Standard cryptographic algorithms in a Swift Playground. ⏳
  • Algorithms Playground - Various algorithm implementation in Swift. ⏳
  • The Jelly Bean Problem - The Jelly Bean problem from Wait But Why. ⏳
  • Euclidean Strings - A playground leveraging ReSwift to generate Euclidean Strings. ⏳


Programming language interpreters implemented in Swift

  • Introduction to Compilers - Great introduction to the inner workings of compilers. 🌟
  • Write your own language: Mu - A playground explaining how to create a tiny programming language named Mu. 🌟
  • ASM Swift - A playground for learning Assembly language through Swift. 🌟
  • Let's build a compiler in Swift - Let's Build a Compiler by Jack Crenshaw translated to Swift Playgrounds. 🌟
  • Pascal interpreter - Simple Swift interpreter for the Pascal language inspired by the Let’s Build A Simple Interpreter article series. 🍁
  • Register VM - A register-based VM in a Swift playground. 🌟 ⏳
  • Turtle Playground - A playground with Logo-like commands. 🌟 ⏳
  • Swift Brainfuck - Brainfuck interpreter written in Swift using Playground. ⏳

Machine Learning

UIKit And Graphics

A list of playgrounds that demostrate various aspect of UIKit and other graphical frameworks

Core Image


  • Metalbrot - Interactive playground that draws the Mandelbrot fractal with Metal. 🌟
  • METAL Playground - Apple Metal framework playground. 🌟 ⏳




Sounds and music

  • Bach Playground - A Simple Swift Playground that plays a brief piece by Bach with AVAudioEngine and AVMIDIPlayer.
  • PlayerNode Playground - Playground using AVAudioEngine with a playernode and effects to play an audio file. 🌟
  • Miles - A Swift Playground that creates jazz improvisations in any key using AudioToolbox and AVFoundation.


Live math with playgrounds

Libraries and APIs

Library tutorials, in a playground

  • AudioKit Playgrounds - 130+ Audio synthesis, processing, playback, and analysis playgrounds with AudioKit.
  • AIToolbox - A set of playgrounds showing machine learning algorithms, all implemented with pieces of the AIToolbox framework code.
  • Cognitive Service APIs - Get started with the Microsoft Cognitive Services APIs.
  • Rx Playground - A playground with RxSwift examples.

Playground Sets

Sets of playgrounds about various topics


What doesn't fit anywhere else, but still awesome

  • Icon Creator - Create app icons on Swift playground.
  • 2048 Playground - The 2048 game implemented with a playground.
  • SwiftShell - Bash shell in a playground.
  • LaunchPad Playground - A playground that simulates a real LaunchPad for making music.
  • Super Maze - A programmatic maze generator and solver.
  • Tic Tac Toe - Tic tac toe in a playground.
  • Pixel Art Maker - A playground where you can make pixel art.
  • SwiftCoin - A simplistic blockchain & cryptocurrency in a playground.
  • SentimentlySwift - Sentiment analysis in Swift.
  • Rubik's Cube - Implementing basic model and behavior of Rubic's Cube in Swift. 🍁
  • Game Boards - Chess, checkers, tic-tac-toe, sudoku and many others in playground. 🌟 ⏳
  • StarWars Seals - Emblems from Star Wars in Swift playgrounds via CoreGraphics and UIViews. ⏳
  • SwiftFiles - Save, Load and Delete files easily from within a Swift playground. ⏳
  • Earth photos - A slideshow of Earth photos taken by DSCOVR/EPIC. 🌟 ⏳
  • SwiftChain - Simple Cryptocurrency in a Swift Playground.
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