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Awesome Chess Awesome

A curated list of assets availible on the Internet related to chess.

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Books to read on chess.

FEN Parsers

Forsyth–Edwards Notation (FEN) is a standard notation for describing a particular board position of a chess game.


Bots are algorithms involving artificial intelligence to play against a user.

Move Validators

Validators are tools for checking authenticity of a move.

  • chess.js - chess.js, Structured code for chess authentication.
  • npm chess package - An algebraic notation driven chess engine that can validate board position and produce a list of viable moves.
  • Chessnut - Chessnut is a simple chess board model written in Python. It provides functionality of parsing FEN and generating a list of legal moves for each FEN representation.


Websites include platforms for people to play chess.

  • - A simple single page chess playing application facilitating the play of chess.
  • - One of the most mature platforms for playing chess on the internet. It is open source too. It is equipped with daily puzzles and an TV to spectate other matches.
  • - Play as well as learn chess from chess24 with the best of tutorials.
  • - Lucrative, single page application for playing chess.
  • - Learn and play chess with over 5 million other users.
  • - Watch videos, solve puzzles, and play games. All for free. (Works similar to Khan Academy.)
  • - Online chess tactics training site.
  • - Repository of information about programming computers to play chess.
  • - The 'Free Internet Chess Server' (FICS) is one of the oldest Internet chess servers. There are lots of client applications for almost every device, operation system or webbrowser available.


Boards are tools for encapsulating the process of rendering a board.

  • Chessboard.js - chessboard.js is a standalone JavaScript chess board.
  • chess-board - A web component for displaying chess positions. It takes FEN string as input and renders the board as output.
  • jchess - A jQuery based JavaScript library for parsing and displaying chess games. Currently takes FEN and PGN as inputs.
  • Chessboard-js - A responsive mobile-first JavaScript chessboard library.

Board Notations

Notations are a way of expressing the properties of the board in textual format. Tutorial on Chess Notations.


This includes the tools for getting artwork for various pieces of chess.


Talks on chess.

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