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Awesome Unity


A categorized community-driven collection of high-quality awesome Unity assets, projects, and resources. Free assets and resources are prioritized over paid when possible.

Suggestions and contributions are always welcome! Make sure to read the contribution guidelines for more information before submitting a pull request.

Thanks to all the contributors, this wouldn't be possible without you!


  • 2D Rope System (Paid) - Scripts for creating any type of 2D ropes in the editor or during runtime.
  • 2D Toolkit (Paid) - An efficient & flexible 2D sprite, collider set-up, text, tilemap and UI system.
  • Ferr2D Terrain Tool (Paid) - Quickly create handcrafted 2D landscapes and levels.
  • Pixel Camera 2D - A simple pixel perfect camera with scaling options for 2D Games.
  • Spine (Paid) - A skeletal animation editor with a Unity library.
  • Tiled2Unity - Takes your Tiled files and creates Unity prefabs from them that are easily placed into your Unity scene. Complex collision is supported through Unity’s PolygonCollider2D class.
  • Unity Anima2D - Advanced skeletal animation editor with support for both per-object and skinned mesh animation with an integrated in-editor skinning tool.
  • UnityTiled - An importer for Tiled maps.


  • A* Pathfinding Project - Lightning fast pathfinding with heavily optimized algorithms and a large feature set.
  • Apex Path (Paid) - Apex Path handles dynamic pathfinding including local avoidance steering and dynamic obstacles.
  • Crystal AI - Crystal is a fast, scalable and extensible utility based AI framework for C# and Unity.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

  • ARToolKit - Augmented Reality SDK that includes libraries, utilities, and examples.
  • Google VR SDK - Scripts and prefabs to help with the development of Google Daydream and Cardboard apps for Android and iOS.
  • SteamVR Unity Toolkit - Scripts and Great examples to abstract the use of VR controller actions in Unity.
  • Virtual Reality Toolkit - Virtual Reality framework that allows for powerful interactions, locomotion, and visual effects.
  • Vuforia - Augmented Reality SDK with image and object recognition, smart terrain and extended tracking features.


  • UFPS (Paid) - Provides camera, controllers, and other effects for use in FPS games.

Character Controllers

  • CharacterController2D - A 2D controller that behaves very similarly to Unity's CharacterController component.


  • Fungus - An easy to use Unity 3D library for creating illustrated Interactive Fiction games.
  • StrangeIoC - Strange is a super-lightweight and highly extensible Inversion-of-Control (IoC) framework, written specifically for C# and Unity.
  • uFrame (Paid) - Create maintainable games faster, better, more stable, and consistent than ever before.


  • InControl - An input manager that tames makes handler cross-platform. controller input easy.
  • InputBinder - Bind game inputs to methods via code or using the inspector to add event driven input handling to your project.
  • TouchKit - Makes it easy to recognize gestures and other touch input.
  • TouchScript - Makes handling complex gesture interactions on any touch surface much easier.


  • SabreCSG - A set of CSG level design tools for building complex levels quickly inside Unity.


  • Unity Ads - Unity Ads is a video ad network with quick and seamless integration using regular and opt-in ads.


  • Nakama - Build social and realtime games with an open-source distributed server.
  • Photon Bolt (Paid) - Build networked games without having to know the details of networking or write any complex networking code.
  • Photon Unity Networking - Plug and play cloud networking that also works for local hosting. Free for up to 20 concurrent users.


  • Easy Save 2 (Paid) - A fast and simple way to save and load data on all major platforms supported by Unity.
  • Mad Level Manager (Paid) - Provides a level manager, level selector, and progress save/load tools to make it easy to transition between levels and make level selection screens.
  • UniStorm (Paid) - A customizable dynamic day and night weather system that creates realistic storms and weather.


  • Unity Analytics - Provides a dashboard with metrics to help track active players, sessions, retention, and revenue.


  • DOTween - Tween any numeric property or field (including Vectors, Rectangles, etc.), plus some non-numeric ones (like strings). This is the follow-up to HOTween.
  • GoKit - An open source, lightweight tween library aimed at making tweening objects dead simple.
  • iTween - A simple, and easy to use animation system.
  • LeanTween - FOSS, and also the most lightweight tweening library for Unity. Allows you to tween any value you have access to via the .value() method.


  • NGUI (Paid) - A powerful UI system and event notification framework.
  • TextMesh Pro - A alternative to render text in uGUI by using the distance field technique, which allows crisp fonts at any scale. This was recently purchased by Unity and will be integrated into the engine in the future.


  • Consolation - In-game debug console that displays output from Debug.Log.
  • CSharpatron (Paid) - Automatically convert scripts from UnityScript to C# without breaking existing game objects.
  • GitHub for Unity - The new GitHub for Unity extension brings the GitHub workflow and more to Unity, providing support for large files with Git LFS and file locking.
  • Scene View Bookmarks - Editor extension to bookmark and later recall scene views.
  • SnazzyGrid (Paid) - Makes it easy to manage positions of assets in the scene with easy to use snapping tools and many more features to improve the scene creation workflow.
  • UniMerge (Paid) - Editor extension for merging scenes and prefabs, also integrates with VCS.
  • UniRx - UniRx (Reactive Extensions for Unity) is a reimplementation of the .NET Reactive Extensions. Rx cures the "asynchronous blues" without async/await.
  • UnityToolbag - Collection of miscellaneous open source scripts and helpers for Unity 5.0.

Visual Scripting

  • Playmaker (Paid) - Quickly make gameplay prototypes, A.I. behaviors, animation graphs, interactive objects, and more using finite state machines.



  • Nodulus - A complete puzzle game with a clever twist. Play it online.


Tips and Tricks

  • Editor Tips - Tips in gif form showing a few ways to use the editor more efficiently.
  • Unity Tips - Short videos showing some handy tips when using Unity.



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