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A curated list of awesome Gideros resources, classes and tips.


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Awesome Gideros Awesome

Awesome Gideros

A curated list of awesome resources for the Gideros Game Development Framework that allows you to easily create games and apps for Android, iOS, HTML5, WinRT and Desktop (Windows, OSX). Please feel free to contribute to the list by making a pull request.


Getting Started


A collection of resources (blog and forum entries, websites, packages etc) for Gideros

Tutorials and Tips

Full game examples


Books about Gideros

IDEs and Editors

Code editors and plugins that work with Gideros

Graphics and Shaders

Scene Management


  • GidSwipe - Easy to use tap and swipe manager for mobile.
  • Gestures - Define and detect complex gestures from points a list of points.
  • Accelerometer - Quick example of how to use the device accelerometer as input.
  • Shake detection - Small snippet to detect device shake.

Animation and Tweens

  • GTween - Tween sprite variables with this library (comes with all the easing functions you need).
  • Animation using MovieClip - Tutorial on how to animate sprites using the MovieClip class.
  • Spriteheet animation class - Class that helps with creating and playing animations from spritesheets.




Saving and Loading

  • Using JSON - Loading and saving manually via JSON.
  • DataSaver module - User-friendly wrapper to make saving and loading data as easy as possible.
  • Encrypting save files - Some ideas (with code) about securing the save files from unwanted manipulation.




Note: 3D support is still in development but if you like to play around with it already, here are some starting points


Useful Lua-Libraries

General Lua libraries that are useful in gamedev but are not Gideros specific

  • lume - Great collection of functions that are useful for game development.
  • inspect - Easily pretty-print your tables to the console in a readable way.
  • jumper - Super-fast grid-based pathfinding for Lua.
  • bump - Simple, flexible and fast library for collision detection using axis-aligned bounding boxes.
  • Bresenham - Bresenham's line algorithm, implemented in Lua.

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License and Contributing

Please contribute to the list. Simply read the contribution guidelines to get started.


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