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A curated list of delightful Salesforce Platform Resources

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Useful resources for creating apps with Salesforce

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Table of Contents

Salesforce Developer Free Edition Signup


The previously popular Mavansmate editor( has now ceased developement.

  • IDE - Based on Eclipse Platform, supported and packaged by
  • ASIDE.IO - Online Editor, fast and connects to any Salesforce org quickly.
  • WelkinSuite for Windows - Desktop Editor for application, free for use, pay for support.
  • C9.IO - Online Editor, connects to any Salesforce org quickly.
  • Illuminated Cloud - A powerful development tool hosted within JetBrains IntelliJ IDEA.

Plugins for Salesforce

  • Eclipse Plugin - Based on Eclipse Platform, supported and packaged by
  • Atom Plugin- MavensMate plugin for building applications inside GitHub's Atom text editor
  • Visual Studio Code
    • ForceCode is a Visual Studio Code extension for Salesforce development
    • Auto-complete + Provides auto-completions for Apex & Visualforce, Go-To & Peek Definition and Realtime Syntax Checking
  • ApexMate- Apex Plugin for TextMate.
  • VimAwesome- VIM Plugin for
  • CLI- Command-line interface to
  • HaoIDE - Sublime Plugin for
  • JedIDE - integration for IntelliJ IDEA
  • Mavensmate Mavensmate extension for VS code. The main Mavansmate project is now no longer active, so this plugin may be of limited use.

Salesforce Custom Search Engines

  • findsf: Google Custom Search of Salesforce related sites
  • Search The Google custom search of Salesforce related sites with OpenSearch support

Browser extensions for Salesforce

Read cruciated list of Awesome-list-of-browser-extensions-of-salesforce

Packages and Libraries supporting salesforce

  • Apex mocks - ApexMocks is a mocking framework for the Apex language.It derives it's inspiration from the well known Java mocking framework Mockito
    Deploy to Salesforce

  • Apex Commons - Common Apex Library supporting Apex Enterprise Patterns and much more! Must deploy ApexMocks before deploying this library.Also see MavensMate Templates
    Deploy to Salesforce

  • Apex Core HttpCallout - Apex HTTP Callout Framework.
    Deploy to Salesforce

    This library has been extended by five libraries

    Key Features of this library

    • Framework for HTTP callouts.
    • JSON serialization and deserialization base classes.
    • OAuth Client - extends the base AbstractClient to provide the callouts required for OAuth authentication.
  • Polyforce - PolyForce is the project started as an idea with a motive create polymer applications/components that derive data from Salesforce, The idea create a robust set of polymer components that can mutually be shared with each other and on the other hand provide a working sample for developers to learn and get inspired to built more components

  • Salesforce to Github - Github API client in Apex for

  • Apex UML Digram Maker - Create UML diagrams from Apex code using the Tooling API

  • SfApexDoc - A full-featured Apex documentation generator, similar to JavaDoc.

  • Visualforce TableGrid - TableGrid is a free, open-source library, that provides users and developers a highly customizable, native-looking, sortable, filterable, editable Grid Visualforce component. This component can be used as an advanced, highly configurable (by developer and user) replacement of apex:pageBlockTables and Standard Related Lists

  • ESAPI - Enterprise Security API for the Apex language on the platform. This library consists of three modules - Validation, Output Encoding and Access Control(CRUD, FLS and Sharing).

  • R.apex - Functional library for Apex. This library, inspired by Ramda.js, offers a bunch of utility functions to manipulate Apex collections, as well as extensive support for functional programming.

  • Force DI - Generic dependency injection (DI) library with support for injecting Apex, Visualforce, Lightning, and Flows at runtime.

Developer Utilities

  • Weave - Sublime Text Plugin to generate boilerplate Salesforce Code Templates

  • GitHub Salesforce Deploy Tool - Automagically deploy a GitHub repository to a Salesforce ORG and "Deploy to Salesforce button" to your files

  • Cinnamon-Cinnamon is a app that enables you to build and run Selenium tests to validate custom UI pages with Visualforce/Javascript in your Salesforce org.

  • Push Notification Plugin for iOS and Android- Cordova Push Notifications Plugin for Android, iOS, WP8 and Amazon Fire OS

  • Salesforce1-Dev-Guide-Setup-Package-Salesforce1-Dev-Guide-Setup-Package

  • Analytics-Cloud-Dataset-Utils- Utility to load external data into Analytics Cloud datasets, and transform existing datasets.

  • Workbench- Workbench is a powerful, web-based suite of tools designed for administrators and developers to interact with organizations via the APIs.

  • Playground- Adminbooster Playground is an online tool to run SOQL/SOSL queries or Apex code, providing high level features for analysis and admin productivity.

  • CassaCloud- Nice salesforce debug helps you to understand logs from Salesforce developer console. For example if you have Map of map with lists, it is hard to find value where it exactly is.

  • SoqlXplorer- SoqlXplorer is an awesome tool for developers using the platform.

  • force-dev-tool - Command line tool supporting the development lifecycle.

  • JSON to Apex- Generate an Apex class from a JSON string.

  • Salesforce IDs converter- Convert IDs on 15 characters to IDs on 18 characters.

  • SOQooLio- Web app for querying, sorting, and exporting Salesforce data.

  • Sweet.apex - Sweet.apex is the next generation of Apex development, transpiling Sweet Apex(a feature-rich Apex-like code) to Apex classes.

Git Ignore for Salesforce

Open Source Projects Repositories from Salesforce

  • Salesforce Git Repo - Grab all latest salesforce open source projects here, you will find awesome projects, framework, libraries that salesforce and opened for the world
  • ForcedotCom Labs - Checkout open source and experimental projects from Salesforce Team. Get an early access to features that can qualify in feature and contribute your ideas

  • Salesforce Mobile UI - Polymer Elements for Salesforce - Mobile UI Elements is a free, open-source (unsupported) library to simplify the development of mobile apps. The library, based on the Google’s Polymer framework, provides the fundamental building blocks for creating HTML5 apps that run well on smartphones and tablets
  • ForceServer - It supportes a proxy and web server, ForceServer is a simple development server aimed at providing a simple and integrated developer experience when building applications that use Salesforce OAuth and REST services.

Javascript Libraries for Salesforce

  • JSForce - JSforce (f.k.a. Node-Salesforce) - it capsulates the access to various APIs provided by Salesforce in asynchronous JavaScript function calls.Unlike other Salesforce API libraries, it is intended to give integrated interface both server-side and client-side apps, so you don't have to rewrite similar logics with different libraries only for running in different environment.Additionally, it has useful command line interface (CLI) which gives interactive console (REPL), so you can learn the usage without hassle.

  • ForceSniffer - Device Detection Library for Salesforce - Simplified Library that detect Mobile Devices, Salesforce1 App and other Saleforce Context.
  • ForceJS - With ES6 support now, this micro library designed to use the Salesforce REST APIs in JavaScript Apps
  • nForce - nforce is a node.js salesforce REST API wrapper for,, and
  • ngForce -A set of Angular.js modules that facilitate quick and sustainable Angular.js application development on the Platform.
  • ForceTK- ForceTK - a minimal REST API for JavaScript apps
  • ForceEng - Micro-Library to use Salesforce REST API in AngularJS apps
  • Formulon - Formula parser completely implemented in ES6. See Demo
  • Scripting Toolkit - Windows based toolkit to run native Javascript to access Salesforce data.

UX Libraries for Salesforce

ETL Tools

  • Data Loader - Is an easy to use graphical tool that helps you to get your data into Salesforce objects.
  • SFXOrgData - Copy data from your Production or Full Sandbox environment to Developer/Dev Pro sandboxes.
  • DreamFactory Monarch - Migrate related sets of data between Orgs.
  • Jitterbit - Commercial software integration product that facilitates transport between legacy, enterprise, and on-demand computing applications.
  • Pentaho Kettle - The most popular open-source graphical ETL tool.
  • Talend - An open source application for data integration job design with a graphical development environment.
  • Some other solutions from awesome-etl list.

Salesforce Lightning

Salesforce Browser Extensions

Mobile Development with Salesforce

Mobile SDK

  • Salesfoce MobileSDK for iOS-If you'd like to work with the source code of the SDK itself, you've come to the right place! You can browse sample app source code and debug down through the layers to get a feel for how everything works under the covers.

  • Salesfoce MobileSDK for Windows-Build the project normally in Visual Studio; everything should build fine. If you wish to create a new project and not use the NuGet versions of the core libraries, simply create a new project with the template, remove the NuGet reference and add references to Salesforce.SDK.Core, Salesforce.SDK.Store (for windows projects) or Salesforce.SDK.Phone for phone projects.

  • Salesfoce MobileSDK for Andriod- Source repository for the Salesforce Mobile SDK for Android.

Salesforce Mobile Packs with Javascript Libraries

Google Polymer Pack : Try Designer | Github Repo | Watch Designer Video | Build your Mobile App with a set of new HTML tags that ease the development of salesforce driven user interfaces. It's based on the Google’s Polymer framework and uses Web Components to provide fundamental building blocks for creating an Offline enabled application with Salesforce Mobile SDK

AngularJS Pack : Get Started | Github Repo | Design and build apps that separate UI, logic, and data using Mobile Pack for AngularJS. Google's AngularJS lets you reap the benefits of a Model-View-Control architecture in your JavaScript code and utilize advanced features like reusable components and dependency injection.

Troubleshooting and queries

  • Discussion boards : Rich variety of boards are available to discuss almost anything about platform. Locate the correct board [here].
  • Tweet: community is pretty active on Twitter, tweet your question with hash #askforce
  • StackOverFlow: Post your questions with right tags like apex, visualforce and salesforce to get a quick response.
  • StackExchange: Salesforce Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for Salesforce administrators, implementation experts, developers and anybody in-between. It's 100% free, no registration required.
  • Russian-speaking Salesforce community: there are developer's and admin's forum and blog.

Official Salesforce Twitter Accounts

Learning Salesforce Platform

  • Trailhead - Trailhead teaches you how to build cloud apps for free with fun, interactive tutorials. Stand out by learning in-demand Salesforce development skills.
  • Udacity Course - This class teaches you how to build powerful web and mobile apps and host them in the cloud, without writing a line of code.
  • Pluralsight Course - A crash course on how to code Apex taught by four time Salesforce MVP David Liu.

Salesforce Certification Program

Salesforce University

Technical Blogs

  • Salesforce Developer Releations Blog - Managed by Salesforce Developer Relations Team, you will find coolest of updates in the world of Salesforce, mostly experienments, features and developer evagelist blog official from this podium.
  • Salesforce Engineering Blog - Covers latest update from engineering team, you will find updates about core engineering and product releated post and some awesome people to follow
  • Andrew Fawcett - CTO at, Author and known for his outstanding contribution to Salesforce Community. Read More
  • Andrez Perez - (ElToro.IT) - Articles about Lightning Components, Apex, Visualforce, and Salesforce in general. He is a Master Technical Instructor at and owns 11x Salesforce certifications.
  • Christophe Coenraets - Christophe Coenraets is a Developer Evangelist for where he focuses on mobile application development, Read More
  • Harshit Pandey -(Oyecode) - Harshit Pandey is Principal Technical Architect at Intuitive Surgical, previously Technical Architect at Developer Relations Team and build Trailhead while at Salesforce, love to expriement with ever evoloving capacities of Salesforce Read More
  • Jeff Doughlas - Senior Technical Consultant at Appirio & Developer Evangelist Architect at topcoder specializing in cloud-based, APIs & mobile apps. Read More
  • Keir Bowden- Also known as Keir Bowden and Keir is Chief Technical Officer at BrightGen, a Salesforce Platinum Partner, in the United Kingdom.Read More
  • Enrico Murru -(Nerd @ Work) - Also known as Enreeco or ForceLogic.Ultra geek tech lover mercenary software developer and Salesforce enthusiast. Read More
  • Peter Knolle - Peter Knolle enjoys working with all kinds of different technologies. Certified professional, and MVP. Read More
  • Abhinav Gupta -(TechGerm)- MVP & Architect - Passionate about S1 & Javascript, Architect by Profession and now owner of his company focusing on salesforce Consulting Read More
  • Jitendra Zaa- 7 Salesforce Certificates, MVP and Technical Architect working on platform since 2008 Read More
  • Mohith Shrivastava -(CloudyWorld)- Mohit is CodeScience at He is known for his valuable contribution in stackexchange owns 9x Salesforce certification.




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