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A curated list of GitHub's awesomeness

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A curated list of GitHub's awesomeness

Think GitHub is awesome? Contribute something to this list! It's easy, just have a look at the contribution guidelines.

The awesomeness is currently organized into just a few different buckets:

What is the Awesome GitHub list? It's a collection of things that make GitHub one of the most amazing co-creation platforms in the world.

It is specifically focused on GitHub, and not on Git. Git is indeed awesome. And there would be no GitHub without Git. And yet, GitHub has become much more than a home to much of humanity's open-source code; it has become one of the world's most vivid examples of the power of mass collaboration.

All that to say, this list -- Awesome GitHub -- is an attempt to document that aspect of what is awesome: everything that GitHub has become -- far beyond what Git is today, and beyond where GitHub started just eight years ago.

The inspiration for this list came from a session proposal for the 2015 Mozilla Festival. I later learned, serendiptiously, that the Mozilla Festival itself was using GitHub issues to manage the program -- reviewing proposals, assign sessions to tracks and themes, and much more. Just one more example of how GitHub is being used to make awesome.

Infomation for people who are new to GitHub

  • Code School's Try Git - If you'd like to better understand Git, one of the technologys that makes GitHub possible, this is a great place to start. No GitHub account required.
  • Git-it -- 💻 🎓 A workshopper for learning Git and GitHub.
  • On-Demand GitHub Training - Self-paced, interactive projects created and maintained by GitHub's own Training team.
  • Bingo Board -- Play bingo 💥 by sending pull requests!
  • Writing on GitHub - GitHub's own guide to using GitHub for more than just software development.
  • GitHubGuides - GitHub Training & Guides on YouTube.
  • GitHub Pages - Websites for you and your projects. Hosted directly from your GitHub repository. Just edit, push, and your changes are live.
  • Filetypes that GitHub can do magic with:
    • GeoJSON/TopoJSON - Instantly render maps when you add a GeoJSON file to a repository.
    • iPython/Jupyter - Yes, that's right, GitHub also renders ipynb files right in the browser. The possibilities are endless.
    • PDF - View PDFs right in your browser.
    • STL files - It's pretty amazing, 3D right in the browser.
    • CSV - Data journalists and civic data nerds rejoice, comma separated values right in the browser!
    • SVG - Not only can you view scalable vector graphics in the browser, but you can see the difference between versions visually! You've got to see it to believe it. (In fact, you can do this with most image files.)
    • PSD - That's right, same idea as SVG, but for Photoshop files!
  • GitHub Government Community - Information on joining GitHub's government community — a collaborative community for sharing best practices in furtherance of open source, open data, and open government efforts.
  • Classroom for GitHub - Your course assignments on GitHub.
  • MOOC in Spanish - Introductory course (MOOC) in Spanish from Madrid Polytechnical University

Resources for those already familiar with GitHub

  • GitHub Cheat Sheet - Use this list to test your GitHub knowledge.
  • GitHub Universe - Two full days on how to build, collaborate, and deploy great software, presented by GitHub. October 1 & 2, 2015, SF.
  • GitHub Desktop - Simple collaboration from your desktop.
  • Atom - Did you know that GitHub makes an editor? Use it to write, code, and more.
  • Electron - Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies
  • GitHub Buttons - Showcase your GitHub repo's success with hotlinkable GitHub star, fork, or follow buttons.
  • Resume - Resumes generated using GitHub.
  • Speaker Deck - Share Presentations without the Mess, by GitHub.
  • Blocks - This is a simple viewer for code examples hosted on GitHub Gist. (Introduction is here)
  • Block Builder - Quickly create, edit, and fork D3.js examples
  • GitHub Template Guidelines - Guidelines for creating template files for a GitHub project..

Tips, tricks, tools, and add-ons for GitHub power users

  • GitHub Integrations Directory - Use your favorite tools with GitHub.
  • GitHub Cheat Sheet - Use this list to test your GitHub knowledge. (A resource so good, it's worth mentioning twice.)
  • A collection of awesome browser extensions for GitHub. - Well, the link kinda' says it all.
  • Gitter - Chat, for GitHub. Unlimited public rooms and one-to-one chats, free.
  • Zenhub - Project management inside of GitHub, including kanban boards and more.
  • HuBoard - Instant project management for your GitHub issues (sadly, no free plan, but appears to be open source)
  • - Agile project management for teams who love GitHub. Kanban baords and more.
  • Penflip - Collaborative writing and version control, powered by GitLab (similar to GitHub).
  • Gitbook - A modern publishing toolchain. Simply taking you from ideas to finished, polished books.
  • Prose - Prose provides a beautifully simple content authoring environment for CMS-free websites. It's a web-based interface for managing content on GitHub.
  • Redliner - A tool for facilitating the redlining of documents with the GitHub uninitiated.
  • Gatekeeper - Enables client-side applications to dance OAuth with GitHub.
  • github-secret-keeper - Microservice to enable GitHub login for multiple server-less applications.
  • Hub - A command line tool that wraps git in order to extend it with extra features and commands that make working with GitHub easier.
  • Ghizmo - A command line for GitHub, allowing access to all APIs.
  • cli-github - Github made pretty, within the command line.
  • GitHub Dark - A sophisticated dark theme for GitHub.
  • github-issues-import - A Python script that allows you to import issues and pull requests from one GitHub repository to another
  • Github-Auto-Issue-Creator - A Python script that searches a GitHub repository (locally) and automatically creates GitHub issues for TODO statements, keeping them tracked.
  • Problem Child - Allows authenticated or anonymous users to fill out a standard web form to create GitHub issues (and pull requests).
  • gitify - All your GitHub notifications on your menu.
  • HubPress - A web application to build your Blog on GitHub
  • TinyPress - TinyPress is the easiest way to publish a blog on GitHub.
  • Issue and Pull Request Template Generator - Generate templates customized to your project, with the help of Cthulhu and Lewis Carroll
  • Noteit - Manage your notes at CLI with GitHub Gists.
  • Zappr - A free/open-source GitHub integration that removes bottlenecks around pull request approval and helps dev teams to painlessly abide by compliance requirements.
  • Migrating to Git LFS - Easily manage huge files in your Git projects, useful for Data Science projects
  • - Measure and visualize coding hours, productivity, efficiency of projects, teams, repos or individual developers.

Novel uses of GitHub

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