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Non-Financial Blockchain

Curated list of projects that build non-financial applications of blockchain


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Awesome Non-Financial Blockchain Awesome

Curated list of projects that build non-financial applications of blockchain.

The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions that can be programmed to record not just financial transactions but virtually everything of value (by Don Tapscott).

Most applications of blockchain lie in a financial realm. That makes non-financial applications even more intriguing.

Industry of a blockchain application is defined by the one that is changed the most. For example, discontinued IoT bitcoin micropayments startup 21 (now could significantly change both IoT and Financial sectors. Financial industry would expand its current practice to a new domain. For IoT, however, business model would change significantly. That intuition commands current classification.


Identity Applications

Public Blockchain Identity

  • Blockstack - Platform for decentralized, server-less apps where users control their data. Identity included.
  • Evernym - Self-Sovereign identity built on top of open source permissioned blockchain.
  • Jolocom - Self-sovereing identity wallet.
  • SIN - Proposed identity protocol for BitCoin.
  • uPort - Self-Sovereign identity on Ethereum by ConsenSys.

Blockchain as a collateral

  • ShoCard - Proprietary digital identity service, uses blockchain for time-stamping and secure documents exchange.
  • Tradle - Makes a bank on blockchain, identity as a collateral.


  • KYC Chain - Secure platform for sharing verifiable identity claims, data or documents among financial institutions.
  • ObjectChain Collab - Cross-industry collaboration over distributed identity.
  • UniquID - Identity both for people and devices.
  • Vida Identity - Enterprise-grade Blockchain Identity Software.


  • ID3 - Institute for Data Driven Design, explores issues around self-sovereign identity, and distributed organizations.
  • OpenCreds - W3C Credentials Community Group.
  • TAO Network Identity - Description of blockchain identity by Tao.Network.

Internet of Things Applications

  • Chronicled - IoT devices registry on blockchain.
  • Filament - Software and hardware for decentralized Intranet of Things systems
  • IOTA - Decentralized Internet of Things token on blockless blockchain.
  • Machinomy - Distributed platform for IoT micropayments.
  • Project Oaken - IoT blockchain platform.
  • - Ethereum-based platform for building Shared Things.

Energy Applications

Media and Journalism

  • Steem - Decentralized social network which incentivises content creation and curation.
  • PopChest - Incentivized distributed video platform.
  • Civil - Decentralized newsmaking platform.

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