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A curated list of awesome packages, articles, and other cool resources from the Wagtail community.


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Awesome Wagtail Awesome Wagtail

A curated list of awesome packages, articles, and other cool resources from the Wagtail community. Wagtail is a Python CMS powered by Django, focusing on flexibility and user experience.

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General resources



  • Puput - Puput is a powerful and simple Django app to manage a blog. It uses the awesome Wagtail CMS as content management system.
  • wagtail_blog - A WordPress-like blog app implemented in Wagtail.
  • wagtailnews - A plugin for Wagtail that provides news / blogging functionality.
  • wagtail-blog-app - A blog application for the Wagtail Django CMS.
  • Django Wagtail Feeds - Add support for RSS Feeds, Facebook Instant Articles and Apple News Publisher to your Wagtail CMS Projects.
  • CodeRed CMS - a professionally supported WordPress alternative for building marketing websites. Create pages, blogs, forms, and every Bootstrap 4 component in the wagtail admin out-of-the-box! Learn more or watch the lightning talk.
  • Snotra_RSS - Snotra_RSS is an Atom and RSS news aggregator app for Wagtail.

Rich text editor extensions



Static site generation

  • Wagtail-bakery - A set of helpers for baking your Django Wagtail site out as flat files.
  • Wagtail-Netlify - Easilly publish your statically rendered Wagtail site to Netlify.

Settings management




Customer experience

  • Wagtail Experiments – A/B testing for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail Personalisation - Personalisation module, enabling editors to create customised pages - or parts of pages - based on segments whose rules are configured directly in the admin interface.


  • wagtailenforcer - If you need to enforce security protocols on your Wagtail site you've come to the right place.
  • wagtail-yubikey - Enable YubiKey two factor authentication on Wagtail admin panel.
  • wagtail-2fa - Add two-factor authentication to Wagtail by integrating it with django-otp.


  • wagtailmedia - A Wagtail module for managing video and audio files within the admin.
  • wagtail-embedvideos - Simple app that works similar to wagtailimages, but for embedding YouTube and Vimeo videos and music from SoundCloud. It's an integration of django-embed-video.
  • Wagtail Alt Generator - A module for generating image description and tags based on computer vision.
  • Wagtail FilePreviews - Extend Wagtail's Documents with image previews and metadata from



  • wagtailpolls - A plugin for adding polling capabilities to the Wagtail CMS.
  • Wagtailsurveys - A module for Wagtail which provides the ability to build polls and surveys.
  • Wagtail ReCaptcha - wagtail-django-captcha provides an easy way to integrate the django-recaptcha field when using the Wagtail formbuilder.
  • wagtailstreamforms - Build forms in Wagtail's admin for use in streamfields.



  • Wagtail Plus - Modular add-ons for Wagtail CMS.
  • wagtailmenus - An extension for Torchbox's Wagtail CMS to help you manage and render multi-level navigation and simple flat menus in a consistent, flexible way.
  • Wagtail Error Pages - Pretty, smart, customizable error pages for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail Themes - Site-specific theme loader for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail Sharing – Easier sharing of Wagtail drafts.
  • Wagtail Gridder - Grid card layout similar to Google image search results, with an expanded area for card details.
  • Wagtail Condensed Inline Panel - Drop-in replacement for Wagtail's InlinePanel suited for large number of inlines (collapsible with drag and drop support).
  • Joyous - A calendar application for Wagtail.
  • Wagtail App Pages - Extend Wagtail pages using an actual URL config and django views.
  • Wagtail Import Export - Import/Export pages between Wagtail instances.
  • Wagtail Tag Manager - A Wagtail addon that allows for easier and GDPR compliant administration of scripts and tags.



Getting started









  • Dutch Wagtail Meetup - This is a group for anyone interested in working and developing with Wagtail.
  • Wellington Wagtail CMS Meetup - The first Wagtail CMS meetup in New Zealand!
  • Wagtail Space - Wagtail training sessions, Wagtail (lightning) talks and a Wagtail sprint. From March 13th until 15th 2019, Wagtail Space takes place in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
  • Wagtail’s first hatch – Kickstarter campaign to accelerate the development of Wagtail.

Open-source sites


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