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Curated list of resources on HashiCorp's Terraform


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Awesome Terraform Awesome

A curated list of resources on HashiCorp's Terraform. Your contributions are welcome!

Terraform enables you to safely and predictably create, change, and improve production infrastructure. It is an open source tool that codifies APIs into declarative configuration files that can be shared amongst team members, treated as code, edited, reviewed, and versioned.


Official Resources



Tutorials and Blog Posts

Community Modules

For more Community Modules not listed here please see the Terraform Module Registry.

Private Module Registries

  • anthology - A private Terraform registry implementation as an alternative to the official registry.
  • citizen - A Private Terraform Module Registry
  • terraform-simple-registry - A simple implementation of the Terraform registry protocols.



  • kitchen-terraform - Provides a set of Test Kitchen plugins which enable a system to use Test Kitchen to converge a Terraform configuration and verify the resulting Terraform state with InSpec controls.
  • rspec-terraform - RSpec tests for your Terraform modules
  • terraform-compliance - BDD Testing for Terraform Files.
  • terraform_validate - Assists in the enforcement of user-defined standards in Terraform.
  • terratest - Terratest is a Go library that makes it easier to write automated tests for your infrastructure code


  • astro - Astro is a tool for managing multiple Terraform executions as a single command.
  • atlantis - Unified workflow for collaborating on Terraform through GitHub.
  • blast radius - Interactive visualizations of Terraform dependency graphs.
  • geopoiesis - Specialized continuous integration and deployment tool for modern declarative infrastructure provisioning and management.
  • python-terrafile - Systematically manage external modules from Github for use in Terraform.
  • ruby-terraform - Simple Ruby wrapper for invoking terraform commands.
  • terraboard - Web dashboard to inspect Terraform States.
  • terraboot - DSL to generate a terraform configuration and run it.
  • terrafile - Systematically manage external modules from Github for use in Terraform (written in Go).
  • terrafile - Systematically manage external modules from Github for use in Terraform (written in Ruby).
  • terraform-docs - Quick utility to generate docs from terraform modules.
  • terraform-landscape - Improve Terraform's plan output to be easier to read and understand.
  • terraform-plan-parser - Command line utility and JavaScript API for parsing stdout from terraform plan and converting it to JSON.
  • terraform-provisioner - Tool for managing multiple provisions of the same Terraform scripts.
  • terraform-rake-tasks - Shared Rake tasks for managing terraform plans.
  • - Ansible dynamic inventory script for parsing Terraform state files.
  • terragrunt - Terragrunt is a thin wrapper for Terraform that supports locking for Terraform state and enforces best practices.
  • terrascan - Collection of security and best practice test for static code analysis of terraform templates
  • tfenv - Terraform version manager inspired by rbenv.
  • tfjson - Utility to read in a Terraform plan file and dump it out in JSON
  • tflint - Terraform linter for detecting errors that can not be detected by terraform plan
  • tfscaffold - A framework for controlling multi-environment multi-component terraform-managed AWS infrastructure
  • tfschema - Schema inspector for Terraform providers.
  • tfwrapper - Rubygem providing rake tasks for running Hashicorp Terraform sanely
  • tgf - Terragrunt frontend for executing Terragrunt/Terraform through Docker.


  • pyhcl - HCL parser in Python
  • rhcl - Pure Ruby HCL parser

Terraform Enterprise


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