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Apache Wicket

A curated list of awesome projects powered by Apache Wicket


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Awesome Wicket Awesome

A curated list of awesome projects powered by Apache Wicket

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Wicket is an open source, component oriented, serverside, Java web application framework. With a history of over a decade, it is still going strong and has a solid future ahead.

Table of Contents

Generic Info


List of libraries and components which can be used in your application

  • wicket-akka - Integration of Akka for Wicket.
  • wicket-autowire - Makes your life easier by automatic creation of component according to provided annotation.
  • wicket-bootstrap - Integration of Bootstrap Toolkit for Wicket.
  • wicket-clientside-logging - Helper library that allows javascript logging on client side, all log messages will be stored on server side too.
  • wicket-console - Lightweight AJAX-enabled web console for runtime execution JS scripts on server side.
  • wicket-crudifier - Library to easily create CRUD's with wicket.
  • wicket-dnd - Generic Drag&Drop framework for Wicket.
  • wicket-extjs-integration - Integration of Wicket with ExtJS with event handling and a focus on making the Java-API as close to the JS-API as possible.
  • wicket-fullcalendar - Integration of FullCalendar javascript lib with Wicket.
  • wicket-jersey - Adapter to run JAR-RX resources on Jersey2 under Wicket.
  • wicket-jquery-selectors - Library for working with JQuery and Wicket.
  • wicket-jquery-ui - JQuery UI integration in Wicket 1.5.x, Wicket 6.x & Wicket7.x.
  • wicket-modelfactory - Wicket-modelfactory is an API to create Wicket PropertyModels in a typesafe and refactoring-safe way.
  • wicket-mustache - Provides a specialized panel and some related utilities that enables users to work with Mustache and Wicket.
  • wicket-orientdb - Integration of Wicket with OrientDB.
  • wicket-requirejs - Helper to use require.js in your Wicket application.
  • wicket-shieldui - Components leveraging the use of the Shield UI JavaScript library.
  • wicket-source - Speeds up Wicket development by providing click-through from browser HTML back to the original Wicket components in your source.
  • wicket-spring-boot - Makes it easy to create Wicket projects with a minimum of configuration effort by using Sprint Boot.
  • wicket-webjars - Integration of webjars for Wicket.
  • wicked-charts - Beautiful and interactive javascript charts for Java-based web applications.


WicketStuff based libraries

  • Annotation - Mount your pages declarativly by java annotations.
  • Annotation Event Dispatcher - Improves events handling in Wicket by annotations.
  • Async Tasks - Control a background process within a Wicket application.
  • Autocomplete TagIt - TagIt integration with Wicket.
  • BrowserId - Mozilla Persona integration with Wicket.
  • Console - Provides support for executing code dynamically (at runtime).
  • Context - Used to locate components,models and models' objects declaratively with @Context annotation.
  • Dashboard - Support of dashboards for Wicket for quick access to required information in widgets.
  • DataStores - Collection of various implementation of IDataStore: MemCached, Apache Cassandra, Redis, Hazelcast.
  • Datatable Autocomplete - Provides a search data structure known as a Trie that allows AJAX searches on large datasets fast.
  • DataTables - DataTables jQuery Plugin Integration.
  • Editable Grid - A grid component with add/edit/delete feature all at once, apart from supporting sorting/filtering/paging.
  • Eidogo - SGF viewer and editor for GO game (also called baduk, igo or weiqi).
  • Facebook - Contains wicket components and behaviors to use the Facebook social plugins with wicket.
  • Fast Serializer - Wicket Serializer using the Fast 1.x (FST) library.
  • Fast Serializer 2 - Wicket Serializer using the Fast 2.x (FST) library.
  • GMap3 - Offers a component to use Google Maps v3 within Wicket applications.
  • Google AppEngine Initializer - Provides Wicket's org.apache.wicket.IInitializer implementation that auto-configures the Wicket Application to be runable at Google AppEngine.
  • Google Charts - Allows creation of charts using the Google Chart API.
  • HTML5 - Contains classes that give wicket support for using exciting new Html5 features.
  • HTML Compressor - Integration library for Wicket and htmlcompressor.
  • InMethodGrid - Data grid component.
  • Java EE Inject - Provides integration through Java EE 5 resource injection.
  • JEE Web Integration - Embed Servlet, JSP abd JSF content into wicked HTML pages.
  • JqPlot Plugin Integration - Produces beautiful line, bar and pie charts with many features.
  • JWicket UI Toolip - Generate the JavaScript needed to provide a Wicket Component with a jQuery UI tooltip.
  • Kryo Serializer - An implementation of org.apache.wicket.serialize.ISerializer for Wicket.
  • Kryo2 Serializer - An implementation of org.apache.wicket.serialize.ISerializer for Wicket.
  • LazyModel - Type-safe model implementation.
  • Lightbox2 Plugin Integration - Simple, unobtrusive script used to overlay images on top of the current page.
  • Logback - The home for classes that can help with using wicket and logback together.
  • MBeanView - JMX panel, to view and operate the applications mbeans.
  • Minis - Collection of assorted components and behaviors that are too small to warrant their own project.
  • ModalX - A lightweight extension to Wicket's ModalWindow capabilities that comes with standardized MessageBox class and allows easy definition of Modal dialog box classes.
  • OSGI - Lets you use Wicket in OSGi environments.
  • Open Layers 3 - Provides a set of components that may be used to add interactive maps to a Wicket application.
  • POI - Integrates Wicket projects to Apache POI.
  • Progressbar - Provides a progress bar component for Wicket.
  • Push - Provides support for Reverse AJAX in Wicket applications and allows them to "push" partial Web page updates to the Web browser.
  • Scala Extensions - Improves the syntax of Wicket models when using the Scala programming language.
  • Select2 - Provides Apache Wicket components that leverage Select2 JavaScript library to build select boxes that provide Ajax choice filtering, custom rendering and etc.
  • Servlet Container Authentication and Authorization - Simplify the integration of wicket-auth-roles with the servlet 3 security container.
  • Spring Reference - Can be used to integrate a wicket web application with spring.
  • Stateless - Adds a few components that provide more comprehensive stateless features for Wicket.
  • TinyMCE Integration - Integration of the well-known TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor in Wicket.
  • Twitter - Contains wicket components and behaviors to use the Twitter widgets with wicket.
  • UrlFragment - With this you can build bookmarkable AJAX features and still support the back button.
  • WHighCharts - Provides WiQuery bindings for HighCharts.
  • Whiteboard - Provides a Whiteboard which can be integrated in any wicket application.
  • wicket-foundation - Integrates Wicket and Zurb Foundation.
  • Wicket Rest Annotations - Provides a special resource class and a set of annotations to implement REST API/services in much the same way as we do it with Spring MVC or with the standard JAX-RS.
  • WiQuery - Wicket integration with jQuery and jQuery UI.
  • WqPlot - Provides WiQuery bindings for JqPlot.

Web Frameworks

Web Framework on top of wicket which allow you to build your system easily and smoothly

  • Apache Isis - A framework for rapidly developing domain-driven apps in Java.
  • BrixCMS - Wicket based CMS (seems to be dead).
  • Hippo CMS - Enables enterprises to continuously refine their online business strategy by responding quickly to content performance metrics.
  • Nocket - Naked Object based framework for wicket.
  • NoWicket - A naked objects framework for Wicket that enables developers to write less boilerplate Wicket code during implementation of complex websites.
  • Orienteer - Web framework on top of Wicket and OrientDB to build you own CRM, CMS, ERP, mobile app backend or just common site.
  • Wicketopia - Rapid Application Development (RAD) library for the Wicket.


End-to-end solution based on wicket and derived Web Frameworks

  • eFaps - A list od modules and applications that together form the base of a configurable ERP implementation.
  • eHour - Open source time tracking tool.
  • Estatio - Open source estate management built on Apache Isis and wicket.
  • GeoServer - Open source software server written in Java that allows users to share and edit geospatial data.
  • NextReports - Smart business reportins.
  • Orienteer - Open source Business Application Platform for implementation of data warehouse, CRM, ERP, app/site backend system and other business apps.
  • ProjectForge - Open source software for your project management.
  • Yes Cart - Pure e-Commerse platform.

IDE Plugins and Tools



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